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Game Updates/2020/June 19th

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May 20th, 2020 June 19th, 2020 June 26th, 2020

June 19th, 2020 Pre Summer 2020 Event mini update

  1. Server and Database has been strengthened in preparation for the event
    • Maximum Ship capacity has increased from 450 to 460 Ships.
    • Maximum Equipment capacity cap has been increased by 40.
  2. New Equipment
    • New equipment: 12cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Model E has been released.
      • Gun is suited for DEs but is not very strong
      • Gun will provide fit bonuses among certain DEs
      • Gun can be obtained through the remodeled Mikura-class, Hiburi-class, certain DEs, DDs, and CLs as part of their default equipment.
  3. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  4. 12cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Model E can be improved through certain ships over the week.
  5. CG update
    • Akebono and Oboro have been given their 7th Anniversary CG along with special voice lines.
  6. UI and Bug Fixes
    • LBAS has been improved to remove a bug that can possibly crash the game when organizing planes in your base.
    • Sorting LBAS planes without mouse clicks has been improved.
  7. Android Game Client Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Composition logs have been fixed in certain environments
    • Type 1 Land Attacker Model 22 now displays properly in equipment library.
  8. Gotland Sheep Easter Egg Game Improvement
    • The following changes have been made with the hidden game as it enters "Flight II":
      • Sequences 1 and 2 have been updated and now include large planes.
      • Slightly improved Shuusui's damage capabilities in mini-game.
      • Slightly improved display to allow Gotland Sheep to be more visible as it damages planes
      • New sequence added: Extra Sequence
  9. Event will commence next weekend