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Game Updates/2020/June 26th

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June 19th, 2020 June 26th, 2020 July 10th, 2020

June 26th, 2020 Rainy Season Event Update

  1. The Summer 2020 Event has begun. See page for details.
    • E-1: Requiem, for Convoy Ki-504 (鎮魂、キ504船団)
    • E-2: Beyond Sesoku Island (瀬底島、その先へ――)
      • Mission area: Nansei Islands Sea (南西諸島沖)
      • Hachijou, Ishigaki, and Suzutsuki are available from this map.
      • The new submarine tender Jingei is also available from this map.
    • E-3: Prayers From Beneath Goto Islands (五島列島沖海底の祈り)
      • Mission area: Shikoku / Gotō Islands Sea west of Kyūshū (四国沖/九州西方五島列島沖)
      • I-58, I-400, I-401, I-13, and I-14 are available from this map.
      • I-47 is a reward for clearing this map.
        • She was drawn by an artist who previously worked on furniture illustrations for the game. This is the artist's debut shipgirl for the KanColle series.
    • E-4: Tables Turned! Attack the Enemy Task Force! (反転!敵任務部隊を撃て)
      • Mission area: Ogasawara Archipelago (小笠原諸島沖)
      • The Operation involves a transport operation to deliver supplies to the Islands Chichi-Jima and Iwo-Jima.
      • Upon completing the map, you will be rewarded with Matsu the Type-D Destroyer.
  2. Submarine radar equipment can now be equipped in a submarine's Reinforcement Expansion slot.
  3. EO maps are expected to be implemented on 10 July.