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Game Updates/2015/May 18th

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April 28th, 2015 May 18th, 2015 May 29th, 2015

The Rainy Season Update

490 Hoppou Rainy.png224 Takanami Rainy.png224 Takanami Rainy Dmg.png

  1. The Spring Event Has Ended.
    • The Spring Event: The 11th Operation is over. Thanks to all who participated!
  2. Home Port Expansion
    • The home port has been expanded allowing up to 250 kanmusu at home port. In addition, equipment storage has been expanded to hold 40 more pieces of equipment for a total of up to 1,100 piece of equipment.
  3. Akashi's Arsenal Update
  4. Rainy Season Voice Lines Update
    • In celebration of Shigure's 80th and Kongou's 100th launch anniversaries, 50 kanmusus have been given rainy season dialogue for a limited time.
  5. Furniture Updates
    • Furniture Update 1/3; The following furniture have been implemented to celebrate the rainy season:
      • Teru Teru Bozu Window [renewed furniture]
      • Hydrangea Window [renewed furniture]
      • Rainy-Season Wallpaper [NEW] Plays BGM "Thirtieth Destroyer Squadron, Anchors away!" (Spring 2015 Event theme song)
    • Furniture Update 2/3; More furniture has been added!
      • Raincoat and umbrella hooks [NEW]
      • Battleship Tile Floor [renewed furniture]
      • Pedicel Carpet [renewed furniture]
      • Verdure Flooring [renewed furniture]
    • Furniture Update 3/3; More furniture has been added!
      • Plum Colored Wallpaper [NEW]
      • Admiral's Desk with Hydrangea Bowl [NEW]
      • Verdure Wallpaper [renewed furniture]
      • Battleship Film Poster [renewed furniture]
      • Japanese-style Furniture with Irises [renewed furniture]
  6. Naval Base Bar Update
    • The naval base bar has been enhanced to accommodate the recently enlisted kanmusu. Some kanmusu will favor (Italian Wine) while others will favor (combat rations). The content will appear and change based on the time and which kanmusu you add in as your secretary.
  7. Light Cruiser Equipment Adjustment Update
    • Light cruisers accuracy can now be affected based on the fitting of the equipment they use.
  8. Mogami Voice Update
    • Mogami has been given new voice lines for her remodeled form. She will have new resupply and idle lines. Additionally, Mogami has been given hourly lines.
  9. Takanami and Northern Princess Rainy Season update
    • Takanami and Hoppou are now given rainy season graphics for this update.
  10. Bot and Counter Measures and Misc.
    • Extra security measures have been made to detect usage of bots and scripts.
    • Kiso Kai Ni CG has recieved a small graphical tweak.
  11. 3 Million Player Wall Scroll
    • To celebrate reaching 3 million players, the 3 million player wall scroll is being given to everyone. It can be obtained the next time you log in.
  12. New Expeditions
    • New expeditions 24 [Northern route escort] and 40 [Sea fly boat front line transport mission] have been added.