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Game Updates/2024/February 29th

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2024 February 27th 2024 February 29th 2024 March 3rd

Commence! Operation Tatsumaki! Update

Early Spring 2024 Event: Commence! Operation Tatsumaki!

Commence! Operation Tatsumaki!Early Spring 2024 Event Banner.png

Early Spring 2024 Event 1st Stage Operations have started!

Shop Icon Marriage Ring and Documents.png New Ships

Development material New Equipment

Improvement material Akashi Arsenal Updates

Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates
  • Removed quests:
  • Maintained Limited Quests
    • 2307 B1 and 2307 B2 should have been removed on this update, but were prolongated due to maintenance delays.

⚙ Mechanics Update

Uniquely on "Atoll Nodes", it is possibly to deploy the Amphibious Vehicle Ka-Tsu tanksSpecial Type 4 Amphibious Tank
Special Type 4 Amphibious Tank Kai
to trigger a special Opening Torpedo Salvo.

  • On those nodes, regular oTorp will not work,
  • This can only be deployed by SS, SSV, and the AV Mikuma Kai Ni Toku, Nisshin A, and Mizuho Kai fast,
    • They must carry at least one Ka-Tsu tank,
  • On the "atoll node", ships meeting those requirements will carry out a special opening torpedo attack,
  • In night battle, those ships will additionally trigger the same attack as a cutin,
    • This attack overrides regular Night Cut-ins attacks (e.g. if a ship is setuped for a TCI, it will still trigger the Ka-Tsu attack).
  • Using several Ka-Tsu tanks on a same ship will make it carry out several of those attacks in a row (day and night),
    • It capped at 2 attacks per ship at night.
    • This attack utilizes a new special animation, with the tank climbing the atoll's soil.
  • The admiral max HQ experience has been increased by 10 % from 360 000 000 to 396 000 000.
  • AGDP are no longer required for Ise-class Kai Ni.

  • The Torpedo Attack stat fit bonus given by the new Ka-Tsu tanks is not accounted properly.
  • The animation layers of the CVCI are wrongly displayed.
  • The Amphibious Vehicle Special Type 4 Amphibious TankSpecial Type 4 Amphibious Tank is supposed to be improbable with I-41I-41 but is not.

  • The banning of botting accounts should have happened on this update, but was delayed to a later date due to maintenance delays.

Item Icon Hishimochi.png Seasonal update Hinamatsuri 2024

New CGs: Tuscaloosa, Kaiboukan No.30

Dev Tweets

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