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Game Updates/2022/January 21st

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January 1st, 2022 January 21st, 2022 February 22nd, 2022

January 21st, 2022 The Amagiri Kai Ni / Setsubun 2022 Update

  1. New Year's Content has come to an end
    • All CGs, voicelines, and quest associated with New Year's have been removed
    • You can find the New Year CGs in your Catalouge section as per usual.
  2. Setsubun Voice Line Implemented
  3. Setsubun CGs
  4. Maximum Ship and Equipment Capacity Increased
    • You can now hold up to a total of 520 ships and +40 more equipment (once purchases are made).
  5. Equipment Capacity Update
  6. Setsubun Mini-Event has commenced
    • The Setsubun Mini-Event has been launched! It's time to cast the demon out and bring good fortune in!
    • This mini event will be available to a limited period of time (approximately 3 or more weeks) before the Winter 2022 Event Launches.
    • As usual, there are Setsubun Beans to collect via quests, and they can be exchanged for valuable prizes.
    • Setsubun Beans can only be used during the duration of the mini event
  7. Setsubun Quest
    • 5 New Quests have been introduced for Setsubun:
      • Setsubun Practice 2022
      • Setsubun Operation 2022
      • Setsubun Operation in the South Western Waters area 2022
      • 4th Year Reiwa Setsubun Expedition Mission
      • Setsubun Extra Operation: Setsubun Operation 2022, Main Force Sortie! (Ranking Points obtainable)
  8. Setsubun Rewards
  9. BGM Update
    • "Setsubun in the Naval District" and "Making Sweets for Kanmusu" will be available to play via jukebox
  10. Furniture Update
    • Along with the release of Setsubun Furniture, the following new furniture has been released:
      • Admiral and escort carrier's desk
      • PT boat running through the Ocean Floor
      • Amagiri and President's Window Sets
  11. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  12. Equipment Fitting Updates
  13. Amagiri Kai Ni
    • Amagiri has now received her own 2nd Remodel
      • A high level and a blueprint is required for her remodel
    • Amagiri comes with two interchangeable remodels:
      • Kai Ni: Allows for strong surface combat
      • Kai Ni D: Allows for Strong Combat and Landing capabilities
    • Amagiri's remodel allow her to gain further buffs from various equipment
    • Amagiri also gains a special ability that specializes her in combat against PT Boats.
      • Amagiri will Prioritize attacking PT boats and have increased accuracy vs. PT boats
      • The ships located in the slots above and below Amagiri will also Prioritize attacking PT boats and have small increased accuracy vs. PT boats
  14. New Permament Quest
    • 1 New Quest has been implemented in relation to Amagiri:
      • "Remodel Special Type Destroyer Amagiri, Sortie!"