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Game Updates/2019/November 20th

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November 20th, 2019 Small Pre-Event update

  1. Halloween, Saury and Fishing CG have been removed
    • This also includes Yukata, Autumn Festival, and Oktoberfest CGs
  2. Fishing and Halloween Lines have been removed
  3. Autumn voicelines have been implemented
  4. Fish collected from the Saury Festival can still be cooked
    • You will still be able to cook fish till next update at the end of the month
  5. Fall/Winter Uniform CG and Casual clothes CG have been implemented
    • Some Autumn themed clothes from previous updates will remain implemented.
  6. BGM Changes
    • Some maps and the naval district jukebox now include the song "Distant Ulithi Atoll.
    • This song will play on certain sortie maps or if you select the song from the jukebox.
  7. Home Base Expansion update
    • Home Base maximum capacity can now be expanded from 420 ships to 430 ships (purchase if required)
    • Along with this, 40 additional equip slot are added with the expansion upon purchase.