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Game Updates/2019/October 25th

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September 30th, 2019 October 25th, 2019 November 20th, 2019

October 25th, 2019 The Naval District Saury and Sardine Festival Mini-Event

  1. Yuugumo-class destroyer Asashimo Kai Ni
  2. Saury and Sardine Festival
    • Sortie to the heart of World 1 and World 3 and crush the enemy fleets endangering saury fishing grounds.
    • However, this year's saury catch was extraordinarily low. Do not fret though, as sardines catch has been very good!
      • Sortieing to areas relatively close to the base, especially World 1, in order to protect the fishing grounds will reward you with sardines.
    • As always prepare adequate equipment to support the saury fishing grounds.
      • Something to illuminate the ocean.
      • Something search for the fish under the surface.
      • Airplanes for scouting and spotting.
    • In case of sardines:
      • Something search for the fish under the surface.
      • Relatively slow airplanes for scouting and rope fishing.
      • Multiple Kaiboukans will also improve your chances at supporting this year's catch!
    • Fish responsibly.
      • Focusing one area for too long will cause overfishing effects.
      • Avoid "explosion fishing" that destroy marine life.
      • Consider taking a break to let the fish repopulate.
    • Caught saury can be prepared in three styles:
      • Sashimi - rewards resources
      • Salt-broiled - rewards materials
      • Kabayaki - rewards Combat Rations
    • Similarly sardines can be prepared in three ways:
      • Sashimi - basic!
      • Dumplings - delicious!
      • Sushi - that's the thing!
    • For the duration of the festival special Shipgirls can be encountered in the fishing areas!
      • Each and every Etorofu, Shimushu and Hiburi-class Kaiboukan!
      • Asashimo and Isokaze destroyers!
  3. Shipgirl changes
    • Sendai-class Kai Ni, Yura Kai Ni, Kinu Kai Ni, Choukai Kai Ni and Hatsuharu Kai Ni have had their Firepower increased.
    • Fujinami Kai has had her Anti-aircraft increased.
    • Ushio Kai Ni and Isuzu Kai Ni have had her Firepower and Anti-aircraft increased.
    • Shigure Kai Ni has had her Firepower and maximum ASW increased.
    • Autumn Taste, Autumn/Winter Casual, Operation F, Saury and Octoberfest mode CGs have been implemented.
    • Autumn Taste, Saury, Sardine and Halloween voicelines have been implemented.
    • Shiratsuyu-class destroyer Yuudachi has received a Halloween seasonal CG, woof! I mean, poi!
  4. Quest changes
    • New time limited quests:
      • 秋刀魚漁:今年は不漁?でも…上々ね! - Saury Fishing: This year's catch is bad? But... Let's do our best, ok?
      • 秋刀魚漁:今年は気分が高揚します! - Saury Fishing: This year feels amazing!
        • These, among items and equipment can also award "Type 19 Big Catch Flag".
      • 【特別任務】大丈夫、鰯があるじゃない! - [Special Mission] Don't worry, sardines are still there!
      • 【特別任務】今年は鰯が豊漁なのです! - [Special Mission] This year's sardine catch is pretty good!
  5. BGM changes
    • New musical pieces for the Jukebox
      • 「鎮守府秋刀魚祭り改三」- Chinjufu Saury Festival Kai 3
      • 「艦娘音頭」- Kanmusu Ondo
  6. Furniture shop updates
    • The counter bar has received Saury and Sardine mode.
    • New and returning furniture:
      • 鎮守府秋刀魚祭り
      • 秋刀魚祭りの壁
      • 秋刀魚祭りの床板
      • 鹿のオブジェ
      • 花飾りのステンドグラス
      • 小さな観葉植物
      • 戦艦映画ポスター
      • 月夜海の蓄音機
      • 秋刀魚の食卓
      • 提督の作る食卓
      • 「赤城」模型と桐箪笥
      • 航空母艦ステンドグラス
      • 晩秋の高級和窓
      • 一九式大漁旗 ※鎮守府秋刀魚&鰯祭り