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Game Updates/2019/November 29th

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November 20th, 2019 November 29th, 2019 January 1st, 2020

  1. Fall 2019 Event, "Advance! 2nd Southern Operation" has begun!
    • E-1: Meet the DesDiv8! Battle off Bali!
      • Destroyer based map.
      • Can use Light and Heavy Cruisers if necessary.
      • "Veteran Admirals will be able to literally one-shot it".
      • New BGM "DesDiv8's Counter-attack".
    • E-2: Assault! The Second Battle of Java Sea
      • Using the support of land based aircraft (LBAS) gradually wear off the enemy surface presence.
      • Consider striking at Port Darwin with a Carrier Task Force if situation requires.
    • E-3: Clash! Battle off Surabaya!
      • Combined Fleet map.
      • Carriers and battleships are banned.
    • E-4: Battle off Batavia
    • The Emergency Repair Dock is available this event in a slightly buffed form.
  2. Shipgirl changes
    • New Shipgirls
      • De Ruyter
        • E-3 Boss node drop
        • A Dutch Light Cruiser sunk during the Battle of Java Sea
      • HMAS Perth
        • Voiced by Uchida Shuu (Warspite, Gambier Bay, Ark etc)
        • E-3 reward
        • An Australian Light Cruiser sunk during the Battle of Sunda Strait
      • USS Houston
        • Seiyuu is a newcomer!
        • E-4 drop
        • An American Heavy Cruiser sunk during the Battle of Sunda Strait
      • Shinshuu Maru
        • E-4 reward
        • A Japanese Amphibious Assault Ship sunk by friendly fire (probably Mogami's torpedoes) during the Battle of Sunda Strait