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Game Updates/2020/May 20th

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May 20th, 2020 The Fletcher Remodel update

  1. New Remodel
    • Fletcher-class destroyer Fletcher has now been given two remodels:
      • She has been given a Kai Mod.2 Remodel and a Mk. II remodel.
        • Kai Mod.2 does not have many visual changes but comes with greatly increased firepower, Anti-air and ASW.
        • Her Mk.II remodel comes with a unique CG.
        • Her Mk.II remodel presents next generation ASW equipment that drastically increases ASW power.
        • It's possible to convert her from Mk.II to Kai Mod.2 at a low cost.
        • These new equipment can be earned from the quests.
  2. Fletcher's Quests
    • 3 new quests have been added related to Fletcher.
      • Combined Fleet flagship, remodeled Fletcher, weigh anchor! (Fletcher Kai Mod. 2 required)
      • Remodeled escort Destroyer Fletcher Mk. II, commence operation! (Fletcher Mk. II required)
      • Combined Fleet Operation (Extra Operation) (Fletcher Mk. II required)
  3. New Quests
    • In addition to Fletcher's Quests, the following quests have also been implemented:
      • Strengthen to Ogasawara Patrol Line!
      • Nansei Island Waters Joint Patrol
      • Combined Fleet Mobile Task Force, Sortie!
  4. Equipment related to Fletcher
  5. Rare ship drops
  6. Drop Locations for Rare Ships
    • Fletcher can be obtained from the deep parts of the Northern Waters though her drop rate is rare (3-4)
      • She can also be obtained from the all locations of the Central Waters (World 6)
    • Gambier Bay and Samuel B. Roberts can be obtained in the Middle of latter parts of the Nansei Island Waters (2-3)
    • Perth can be obtained in the latter part of the Nansei Island Waters (2-4).
      • All ships will be available until the start of the event in Mid-June.
  7. Rainy Season Voice Lines
    • Limited time Rainy Season Voice Lines have been implemented for all previous ships as well as Shinshuu Maru, Mikura, Perth, Houston and Atlanta to name a few.
  8. Maximum ship and equipment capacity increased
    • Maximum ship capacity increased has increased from 440 to 450 and equipment has been increased by a respective + 40 slots (Purchase required)
  9. New Equipment
  10. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  11. American Radar bonuses
  12. Mikazuki Improvement
    • The Mutsuki-class Destroyer Mikazuki has been given the ability to use Daihatsu and various landing equipment which will be important for her in the upcoming event operations (For the 2nd half of the Operation maps)
  13. New Expeditions
    • Two new Expeditions have been introduced to the Naval District Waters:
      • A5: Ogasawara Coastal Patrol Line (Combat Expedition I)
      • A6: Ogasawara Coastal Combat Patrol (Combat Expedition II)
        • Both Operations are related to the deepest part of the first operation of the upcoming event operation.
  14. Jukebox Update
    • Music has been updated for the rainy season
  15. Furniture shop update
    • Furniture has been updated for the rainy season, along with many old rainy season furniture, the following new furniture has been introduced:
      • Kaiboukan's Umbrella picture wallpaper
      • Mother Window
      • Lucky 13 Desk
      • Lotus Leaf Floor
      • Taffy III Window
        • Large Flower arrangement has been updated for the rainy season
  16. Furniture Update
    • Onsen Japanese Cypress Bath, Onsen Rock Bath and the Naval base bar counter top has been updated for the season
  17. New CGs