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Game Updates/2022/November 9th

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October 31st, 2022 November 9th, 2022 November 30th, 2022

Naval District Saury Festival 2022 Update

Item Card Saury.png

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates:
    • Preparation quests for the new player:
      • Quest sortie.png 22Fa LB04 Quest once.png Preparation for the "Naval District Saury Festival" - 「鎮守府秋刀魚祭り」発動準備!
      • Quest sortie.png 22Fa LB05 Quest once.png Cont: Preparation for the "Naval District Saury Festival" - 続:「鎮守府秋刀魚祭り」発動準備!
    • Saury Festival Limited Time Quests:
      • Quest sortie.png 22Fa LB01 Quest once.png Saury fishing: Poor catch~? I'm in trouble! - 秋刀魚漁:不漁ですか~?困り~ました~ね~!
      • Quest sortie.png 22Fa LB02 Quest once.png Saury fishing: Poor catch of saury...? I'm unhappy... - 秋刀魚漁:秋刀魚が不漁……?不幸だわ……。
      • Quest sortie.png 22Fa LB03 Quest once.png Saury fishing: There is no saury that cannot be caught! - 秋刀魚漁:獲れない秋刀魚は……ないッ!
      • Quest factory.png 22Fa LF01 Quest once.png Saury Festival Limited Mission: Special "Zuiun" Deployed! - 秋刀魚祭り限定任務:特別な「瑞雲」配備!

  • The following ships max stats have been buffed:
    • Ship Banner Shigure Kai Ni.png +1Firepower, +1Evasion
    • Ship Banner Michishio Kai Ni.png +1Firepower, +1Anti-Air, +2Line of Sight
    • Ship Banner Asagumo Kai.png +1Firepower, +1Evasion, +1Anti-Submarine Warfare, +1Line of Sight
    • Ship Banner Yamagumo Kai.png +1Torpedo Attack, +1Anti-Air, +1Anti-Submarine Warfare, +1Line of Sight

  • Furniture Coin Furniture update:
    • The following furniture have been updated with a Saury theme
      • Kaiboukan's General-purpose Circular Desk 「海防艦の汎用円形机」
      • Anchorage Counter Bar 「鎮守府カウンターバー」
      • Submarine Fleet Window 【潜水艦隊の窓】
      • Cafe Table Set 【Caféテーブルセット】

  • ♫ Jukebox updated with the following tracks:
    • Future【♪未来(いま)】
      • This track will also play on the fishing maps

  • Misc
    • Max ship slot increased to 560