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Fw 190T Kai

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Fw 190T Kai

No.159 Fw190T改

Fighter Carrier-Based Fighter Aircraft

Effects: Firepower+2 Evasion+2 Anti-Air+10

Combat Radius: 3

Scrap Value: Fuel2 Ammunition3 Bauxite8

Equipment Card Fw 190T Kai.png

Equipment Character Fw 190T Kai.png

Equipment Item Fw 190T Kai.png

Equipment Full Fw 190T Kai.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense ShipDestroyer
Light CruiserTorpedo Cruiser
Heavy CruiserAviation Cruiser
BattleshipAviation Battleship
Fast BattleshipLight Carrier
Standard CarrierArmored Carrier
Seaplane TenderSubmarine Tender
SubmarineSubmarine Carrier
Repair ShipTraining Cruiser
Fleet OilerAmphibious Assault Ship



The Fw190 series of powerful and reliable fighter planes were developed and mass-produced in that other country.
It was designed by Dr. Tank, and was known as the Focke-Wulf.
This aircraft is a carrier-based version of a later model. It demonstrates a high level of air combat capability.


How To Obtain

Stock equipment of Graf Zeppelin KaiGraf Zeppelin Kai

Event reward for:

Updates History

  • 2015-11-18: Implemented
  • 2018-08-17: Card CG updated


The Fw 190 was arguably Germany's best fighter aircraft of WWII. Fast, powerful, and well-armed, at its introduction in 1941 it was superior to the RAF's Spitfire Mk V in all respects save turn radius. While no carrier-borne version was ever designed (the Messerschmitt Me 155 was designed during the brief resurgence in naval interest during 1942), naming it "Fw 190 T" is in line with the preceding Bf 109 T.

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