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The Sortie (出撃) menu is where fleets are sent tout to battle the Abyssals. It can be accessed from the Sortie (出撃) button on the main menu.

  • Even so Sorties are by definition "PVE", it is nonetheless the core of the game.

Menu Functions

World 5, World 5-4 is not unlocked yet
  • Map Selection - Displays all the maps where it is possible to sortie.
    • Maps not yet unlocked are tagged Clear Operation Areas to Unlock (作戦海域攻略で開放されます), greyed out, and have a padlock icon.
    • Maps not yet unimplemented are tagged Coming Soon (近日開放予定です) and have a padlock icon.
  • Difficulty Indication - Displays a rough indication of the map difficulty. It currently runs from 1 ~ 12 stars. Large stars are equivalent to 10 small stars.
  • Area Selction - Displays all of the operation areas (worlds) in the game. It is possible to select areas with no maps unlocked yet, but without the possibility to sortie.
  • Extra Operation - Allows accessing "Extra Operation" (EO) maps for that particular area.
    • If Extra Operations are available and unlocked, click on the Red ▶ labeled "Extra Operation" in the World Selection Screen.

How to Sortie

Please refer to Map Mechanics and Nodes for a description of all node types.

  1. To begin a sortie, simply select the map to sortie on from the sortie menu.
    • Do take note that certain maps may have branching requirements so ensure that the fleet meets those requirements. Check the map details on the area page for details.
  2. At each path splitting, it will be needed to spin a compass or to select a node to go to.
    • Depending on the path, the compass spin can be, fixed, random, or a mix of both.
  3. When encountering a combat node, a formation will be asked to be chosen.
  4. For most combat nodes, if not all enemies are sunk, it will be asked to enter night battle or not. Please see Night Battle for details.
  5. Once the battle has concluded, it will be asked to advance (進撃) or to retreat (撤退), provided it is not the last node of the map.
    • It is important not to advance if any ship girl is heavily damaged (大破). She will be at risk of sinking in subsequent battles. Sunk ship girls are lost forever.

Maps unlocking

Excepted for 1-1, no map is available from the start, and so needs to be unlocked by clearing other previous maps. "Cleared" here means either scoring a victory (B+ rank) on the final boss node of the map, depleting the HP bar of the map (by killing the boss several times), or depleting the TP bar of the map (only for 1-6).

  • Note that several maps are not available in the game yet, and will be introduced in later updates.
map requirement map requirement map requirement map requirement map requirement map requirement map requirement
W1 1-1 unlocked by default W2 2-1 clear 1-4 W3 3-1 clear 2-4 W7 7-1 clear 2-4 W4 4-1 clear 2-4 W5 5-1 clear 3-4 W6 6-1 clear 5-4 HP bar
1-2 clear 1-1 2-2 clear 2-1 3-2 clear 3-1 & 1-5 HP bar once 7-2 clear 7-1 HP bar 4-2 clear 4-1 & 7-1 HP bar 5-2 clear 4-4 HP bar & 5-1 6-2 clear 6-1[1]
1-3 clear 1-2 2-3 clear 2-2 3-3 clear 3-2 7-3 clear 7-2 HP bar once 4-3 clear 4-2 5-3 clear 5-2 HP bar 6-3 clear 6-2 HP bar
1-4 clear 1-3 2-4 clear 2-3 3-4 clear 3-3 7-4 clear 7-3 HP bar once 4-4 clear 4-3 5-4 clear 5-3 HP bar 6-4 clear 6-3 HP bar
1-5 clear 1-4 2-5 clear 2-4 3-5 clear 3-4 7-5 not available yet 4-5 clear 4-4 HP bar & 5-1 5-5 clear 5-4 HP bar & 6-1 6-5 clear 6-4 HP bar and F43
1-6 clear 1-5 HP bar each month 2-6 not available yet 3-6 not available yet 7-6 4-6 not available yet 5-6 not available yet 6-6 not available yet
1-7 not available yet 2-7 3-7 7-7 4-7 5-7 6-7
  1. If 6-1 was unlocked during phase 1, then clearing 5-4 HP bar is also required.

Map Regeneration

Some maps will be reset at the end of each month, resetting all progress done regarding their HP/TP bar depletion.

  • The reset happened at 23h59 JST on the last day of the month,
  • All EOs, namely 1-5, 1-6, 2-5, 3-5, 4-5, 5-5, and 6-5, are reset each month,
  • 7-2, 7-3, and 7-4 are also reset at the same time,
    • This includes both phases of 7-2 and 7-3,
    • Unlike EOs, no map is locked behind the previous one, so for instance, 7-3 does not have to be cleared again to sortie on 7-4.

In addition to map progress, enemy formations are also reset to their pre-clear form.

  • This does not matter in most cases,
  • On 7-4, the Last Dance enemy compositions are stronger, making farming on the map less reliable,
  • On 5-5, the cleared enemy compositions are the weakest, so clearing the map again beforehand is advised when trying to complete quests on this map.

Sortie List

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