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Supply (Mechanic)

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Resupplying is mainly done through the Supply menu. It is important to keep girls fully supplied as low supplies will severely hamper their combat effectiveness, or even prevent them to do sorties.

The different methods for resupplying girls are detailed below.


All ships are supplied with fuel Fuel and ammo Ammunition, as well as bauxite Bauxite for any ship with aircraft capacity Aircraft.

  • Ships have consumption values depending on their class and remodel.

The main effects of low supplies are as followed:

  • Low fuel Fuel induce "Fuel penalty", which reduces evasion, starting at <75% fuel.
  • Low ammo Ammunition induce "Ammo penalty", which reduces damage, starting at <50% ammo.
  • Low plane count (bauxite Bauxite) induce a reduction of both damage and air control power.

In addition:

  • A fleet will be unable to sortie if fuel or ammo is empty for a single ship.
    • A run can be completed with ships reaching zero of any resource mid-run
  • Low supply levels will cause Expeditions to fail.
  • Bauxite Bauxite is only consumed when there are depleted plane slots in the fleet.
  • For resupply costs, please refer to the individual ship girl pages. Keep in mind that costs can change for each remodel.


The cost of resupplying is simply:

Resupply Formula
[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Cost} = \lfloor \text{Consumption} \times \text{%Loss} \times \text{Mod}_\text{Married}\rfloor }[/math]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Consumption} }[/math] the Fuelfuel or Ammunitionammo consumption of the ship girl. Please refer to the individual ship girl pages for their consumption. Remember that this can vary based on remodel,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{%Loss} }[/math] the amount of Fuelfuel or Ammunitionammo that needs to be resupplied, expressed as a percentage,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Married} }[/math] the married Ship multiplier, being [math]\displaystyle{ 0.85 }[/math] for married ships, otherwise [math]\displaystyle{ 1 }[/math].

Supply Menu

Supply menu screen and all its features

The resupply menu can at most resupply one fleet or a page of unused girls at a time.

Ship Girls

Resupply Fleet

To resupply the entire fleet, simply click one of the two "resupply all" buttons as described above. This will resupply the fuel, ammo, and lost planes of all the girls in the fleet.

Individual Resupply

For more control over resupply, such as when completing quest E4, girls may be resupplied individually.

  1. Click on the check box to the left of the ship banner to select her.
  2. Choose whether to resupply fuel Fuel, ammo Ammunition, or both (まとめて補給).


Planes slots are usually automatically replenished when a ship is resupplied. However, there are some cases where a ship has full supplies while her planes are depleted. To replenish only planes, click the Replenish Planes (艦載機補充) button.

  • Resupplying Planes costs [math]\displaystyle{ 5 \times \text{N}_\text{Planes Lost} }[/math] Bauxite.
  • The resupply is slot dependent, so equipping any plane in a depleted slot won't resupply it.
  • Jets' steel consumption is not counted as a "resupply".

Expedition Menu

After clearing Quest D25 and consuming the Item Card Provisional Resupply.png Provisional Resupply, it is possible to resupply expedition fleets immediately before sending them on expeditions within the expedition menu.

  • Simply click on the small resupply button beside the "Dispatch" button to resupply the entire fleet.
  • Bug: Aircraft will not be resupplied when using this function.

Sorties: Maritime Resupply

Example of Underway Replenishment translated.

Supplies Underway ReplenishmentUnderway Replenishments are consumable items that are used to restore fuel and ammo mid-sortie when consumed.

When entering a boss node, a prompt will appear giving a choice to use the Underway Replenishment(s) or not.

  • The cost of the resupply will be deducted from the stockpile.
  • The resupply cannot be activated when having insufficient Fuel fuel or Ammunition ammo.
  • The amount of Fuel fuel and Ammunition ammo resupplied depends on
    • The fleet type (single or combined)
    • How many Resupplies are carried.

The resupply rates are as follow:

Item Icon Underway Replenishment.png Used Single Fleet Combined Fleet
1 25 % 15 %
2 36 % 27.5 %
3 47 % 40 %

This mechanic should only be used to avoid Fuel penalty or/and Ammo penalty.

Sorties: Repair Personnel

Saving a girl by using an Emergency Repair Personnel Emergency Repair GoddessEmergency Repair Goddess will fully resupply her.

Land-Based Air Squadrons

When an LBAS is used in sorties or attacked in defense, it might lose some planes that can be resupplied on the LBAS menu of the world.

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