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Akashi's Improvement Arsenal

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The Improvement Arsenal (改修工廠) is a main menu function only accessible when using AkashiAkashi
Akashi Kai
as Secretary. This menu allows to upgrade and convert equipment.

  • What equipment can be upgraded is determined by:
    • The 2nd ship in the fleet (the "Helper").
    • The day of the week.

This page provides information about the menu. Please see Improvement for details on equipment improvement.

How to Access

The Improvement Arsenal button in the home port

The Improvement Arsenal is only accessible when AkashiAkashi
Akashi Kai
is Secretary.

From Home Port

  1. Hover over the Arsenal icon.
    • For Android, press and hold the icon.
  2. The Improvement Arsenal icon will slide out from beneath it as shown.
  3. Click on it to access the Improvement Arsenal.

From Other Menus

  1. Click on the crane/clock in the bottom left.

Menu Functions

The Selection Screen for Equipment

Equipment Selection

  • Equipment List - Displays the equipment that are eligible for upgrading. Selecting an equipment will open the improvement menu.
  • Resource Cost - Displays the resource cost of upgrading that equipment. It only displays the resource cost for +1 ~ +6 upgrades. Upgrades beyond +7 cost more and won't be displayed till the equipment is selected.
  • Select for Improvement - Allows to pick that equipment to be upgraded.
  • Stockpile - Displays the current stockpile of development materials Development material and improvement materials Improvement material.
The Improvement Menu


  • Guarantee Improvement - Enable the improvement success guarantee. This increases the development and improvement material costs.
  • Cancel Improvement - Goes back to the equipment selection menu.
  • Begin Improvement - Start the improvement process.
  • Information Box - Displays any required equipment fodder and the current stockpile of required equipment.

Improving Equipment

The following is how to improve equipment.

  1. Click on the "Select for Improvement" (改修工廠選択) button on the equipment to improve. This will bring up a list of all the selected equipment possessed.
    • The button will be greyed out if any of a particular equipment is not possessed.
    • The items of selected equipment in the brought-up list will not show the ones equipped on a land base or a ship in expedition.
    • Equipment equipped by ships can be removed from the ship by clicking on the Remove (外す) button. The ship's name and her level can be viewed by hovering over the button.
  2. Click on the equipment to improve, then click on Improve (改修) to begin. Clicking on Return (戻る) goes back to equipment selection.
  3. Click on the Begin Improvement! (改修開始!) button to start the improvement.
    • The toggle marked Guarantee Improvement (改修確実化) will make all improvements succeed in exchange for increased costs.
    • Clicking on Cancel Improvement (改修中止) goes back to equipment selection.

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