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User:Dark Sentinel

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KC first day: 27th July 2017
KC Server: Palau Anchorage
Shipgirl of choice: Ise
HQ Level 120 reached: 24th April 2020

Dark Sentinel (aka Dark aka Holy Sentinel aka a bunch of other random names).
Totally not DarkHeron
KC Teitoku, random arts artist, master of everything, expert of nothing.

Kandex completion rate

249/253 (98.41%)
Ships missing: Yashiro, Akishimo, Libeccio, Iowa

Event progress

Event Final reward E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 Comment
Summer 2017 Ark Royal E x x x x x x Terminated due to oversalting
Fall 2017 (Leyte P1) Suzutsuki x x x x Still AWOL at this point
Winter 2018 (Leyte P2) Intrepid E E E C C x x Not enough time due to Real Life intervention
Late Summer 2018 Nelson H M M C C E4C because Re may burn in Hell
Winter 2019 Nisshin H M E
Spring 2019 Colorado H H E E E Praise Reppuu 352!
Summer 2019 Janus H M E Should've gone for HHE
Fall 2019 Atlanta H H H M E C Sara farm failed anyways
Winter 2020 12.7cm DK3 H Easiest FCM!
Rainy Season 2020 Hornet H H H M M H E Praise Tenzan Murata!
Fall 2020 Take H H H M This event was so bad

Lanking rewards

Month Rank Trophies
June 2019 Top 500 Type 4 20cm Rocket Launcher
Type 2 12cm Mortar Kai
September 2019 Top 500 8inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.9 mod.2 ★+1
Shiden Kai 4 ★+1
December 2019 Top 500 Type 1 Armor Piercing Shell Kai
12.7cm Twin Mount Model B Kai 4 + AAFD
March 2020 Top 500 XF5U
SG Radar (Initial Model) ★+2
July 2020 Top 500 Ginga ★+1
November 2020 Top 500 Type 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryuu
12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Kai 2 ★+4
December 2020 Top 500 T500 attempted, no results yet


Sandbox for my personal needs, okay?

Notes on adding new equipment

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