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Category:Special Amphibious Tanks

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This category contains all equipment classified as Special Amphibious Tanks.

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Amphibious Tanks behave similarly to landing crafts:

  • Dealing great damages to installation, being an essential component of the "nuke" (see Anti-Installation).
  • Slightly increasing expedition resources gain.
  • Greatly increases Resource Nodes resources gain.
  • Slightly increasing TP gauge drain during Transport Operations.
  • Allowing Submarine to participate in the shelling phase against Installations, by launching the tank in battle when targeting it.

Listed by stats

  • Green : Outstanding
  • Yellow : Above average
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes

Special Type 2 Amphibious TankEquipment Card Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank.png
Special Amphibious Tank Icon.png 特二式内火艇
Special Amphibious Tank DD (Amagiri Kai Ni D, Arare Kai Ni, Arashio Kai Ni, Asashimo Kai Ni, Asashio Kai Ni D, Fumizuki Kai Ni, Hayashio Kai Ni, Isonami Kai Ni, Kasumi Kai Ni, Kasumi Kai Ni B, Kazagumo Kai Ni, Kuroshio Kai Ni, Michishio Kai Ni, Okinami Kai Ni, Ooshio Kai Ni, Oyashio Kai Ni, Satsuki Kai Ni, Shiratsuyu Kai Ni, Umikaze Kai Ni, Uranami Kai Ni, Verniy, Yamakaze Kai Ni, Yamakaze Kai Ni D and Yukikaze Kai Ni only), CL (Abukuma Kai Ni, Kinu Kai Ni, Kuma Kai Ni D, Noshiro Kai Ni, Tama Kai Ni, Tatsuta Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai Ni B, Yura Kai Ni and Yuubari Kai Ni Toku only), CAV (Mogami Kai Ni Toku only), BB (Mutsu Kai Ni and Nagato Kai Ni only), BBV (Yamato Kai Ni Juu only), SS, SSV, AV (Excluding Akitsushima, Commandant Teste and Nisshin), LHA, AO (Hayasui Kai and Kamoi Kai Bo only) ✔️
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes

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