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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine November 2017

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Comptiq's November 2017 Interview with Tanaka

The following interview comes from within the Comptiq Magazine's October issue which was released on October 10th, 2017.

Within the article, the Chief in Editor has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka regarding the Naval District Saury Festival and discusses about the tips and tricks on how to fish for Saury during the mini event.

In addition, Tanaka notes about the fact that you'll be able to hunt for various DE during the duration of the mini event.

Finally, Tanaka reveals some details regarding the Fall 2017 Event which mentions the various details about a new Escort being introduced, the scale of the event, new ASW gear, and the ships and the size of the event, along with a mention of additional Fall Casual attire CGs coming out later.

The Naval District enters the Saury and then the Fall Casual Clothes Festivals!

Fall: the season of flavors; the season of the Saury Festival; shipgirls in casual clothing; and... information on the fall event!?

Editor-ko (From now on, E): Thanks for your hard work! This year's fall sure came quick too! Fall!

Tanaka-ko (From now on, Ta): It really did. The saury season's on full blast this year as well.

E: When it comes to fall in KanColle, that's exactly what comes to mind!

T: Yes, the Fall Saury Festival!

E: I'll do my best this year as well! I've prepared everything, including my equipment!

T: Saury are attracted to bright lights, after all! Please prepare as many Searchlights as you can. The Skilled Lookouts who can spot schools of Saury; Recon Seaplanes, the Ka-type Observation Autogyro that can slowly search the sea surface, and other such aircraft; active sonars like the Type 3 Active Sonar or ASDIC series, which actually operate on the same principle as fish finders; etc.

E: Seaplanes too? Would Taitei-chan work too!?

T: That's right. Fishing's more of a side hobby, but with Akitsushima's help it'll be like seabirds circling over fish... anyway, coastal defense ships are also effective.

E: And depth charges!?

T: Frequent use will quickly damage fishing grounds. If possible, please avoid reckless overfishing and use the ocean's resources with care as you fish for Saury.

E: Ah, of course, overfishing is no good.

T: Please make sure to preserve fish stocks by giving fishing grounds ample time to recover as you enjoy this fall's Saury season! Also, during this fall's Sauryfishing, you may rarely encounter coastal defense ships on the fishing maps!

E: Hoooh, coastal defense ships! I heard they were originally built to secure the northern fishing grounds...

T: They actually ended up in fierce surface combat during their escort duties, but for the duration of the Naval District Saury Festival all existing coastal defense ships can be encountered. Plus, they will also allow for a new form of modernization. ASW, luck, and, given the right conditions, even survivability can be improved - up to a certain limit, HP can be increased in some cases. [1]

E: That's great! Now if I get a second copy of a given ship, I can use them effectively!

T: There will also be further opportunities to encounter coastal defense ships besides this fall's sanma festival. Also, we have plans to add a new Etorofu-class coastal defense shipgirl in the not-so-distant future.

E: Seriously!? I'm looking forward to it!

T: For ASW, we'll be getting the coastal defense ship; ASDIC, Hedgehogs, and other such ASW equipment from the land of black tea, where fierce battles with U-boats unfolded; and land-based anti-submarine patrol aircraft[2]. Please look forward to it!

E: Enemy submarines really are troublesome, after all. I'd love to bring together the best ASW firepower and try to suppress them!

T: Additionally, you've got your first taste with Saury already, but we'll be putting effort into adding ship girls casual clothes this year and next.

E: Ah, is that so? Will the number of girls in casual clothes be increasing a bit?

T More uniforms is a given. As for shipgirls in casual clothes, I'd like to introduce more of them little by little... and so, on top of of fall's sanma and other fall flavors and the Fishing Operation seasonals, we plan on implementing the second phase of fall casual clothes seasonals for shipgirls. These two girls, Amagiri and Sagiri, whom we added in the last summer event... hey!

E: Thanks! This candid photo of these two would go great on Comptiq! Ah, can't hear you, I'm taking it!

T: W-What're you...

E: Don't worry, we'll make sure to blow it up nice and big. Now, back to work. Ah, is this the chart of preparations for this fall's event?

T: Well, yeah. Hey, don't take that too!

E: Haha~n, the new shipgirls. And there's the anti-air destroyer Suzutsuki we saw before as well. Hm, hm.

T: We held quite a large-scale event in the summer, and the Saury event provides some support, so we plan on the fall event being a relatively small-scale affair. The new shipgirls will also be focused on relatively small girls. But these precious girls will have quite the presence! Akizuki-class destroyer Suzutsuki is a very, very important ship. Both her fight and withdrawal were brave, and after the war she went to sleep continuing to serve as escort. There's also...

E: Whoops, we're just out of time! I'll be coming back! Let's do our best this fall and in sanma fishing!

(Late September 2017, KanColle Management Naval District)

Credit goes to User:/A/noynomous for his translation work.


  1. It's recommended to Kai your DEs before you use them to modernize to get the best benefit out of improvements from them.
  2. May be referring to the Toukai, which was mentioned as far back as Tanaka's Interview from KanColle Style Vol.3