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Tanibe Yumi Interview: Famitsu Weekly May 28th, 2020

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The following interview was conducted in the Famitsu Weekly Magazine, May 28th 2020 edition, in which Tanibe Yumi discusses her involvement with KanColle so far. This edition of Famitsu Weekly was released in conjunction with KanColle's 7th Anniversary, to commemorate the event.


Q1: Great work being an Admiral and a ship girl VA! Please give us a brief introduction to the ship girls you play, Tanibe!

A1: Yes, with pleasure! In order of implementation, we have the number one liveliest, Shiratsuyu. She's the proud eldest sister of 10. Sometimes proper, sometimes messing about, but she's a wonderful elder sister that can lift everyone up. The quiet Shigure has a kind of dream-like unbalance stemming from her kindness and strength. The mood maker Murasame looks like an adult but sometimes she gives off the feeling that she's trying too hard to be one... She seems to be like her twin sister Yuudachi but, when you think about it, there are plenty of things that they are different. The naive Yuudachi has strong emotions. Even though she is the youngest of the Shiratsuyu-class that I play, I feel that her older sisters kind of rely on her too? The gallant Yura is serious about her work! But she does let loose around you sometimes too. The graceful Commandant Teste is someone who'll get close to you no matter the situation. The laid back Fujinami isn't quite an adult yet but she separates her public and private affairs. She's a girl who will do her absolute best to prove herself to someone she looks up to. The prideful Richelieu is an woman that goes at a moderate pace. Even though she sounds harsh at first, she's someone that wants to be by your side. The quiet Hamanami actually has a strong will and feels like talking a lot. She probably can't express her feelings properly because she thinks faster than she talks. I want to listen to her speak slowly and carefully. The devoted Hayanami is a normal girl in a good way. She's frank about what she loves, so you just need to get used to her honesty. That may sound selfish but you just have to accept a girl's heart. ...Well that's how it is. If you want to see their usual selves, as well as sides you haven't seen before, be sure to spend time together with them in the home port and take them out on sorties!

Q2: KanColle has celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Do you do anything to celebrate the anniversaries?

A2: I eat good food! I never fail to have some cake on birthdays! I don't think that it is an exaggeration to say that this is an important day that marks a new season! So with that in mind, I want to make it feel special even I only do something simple. I'd put up some decorations and cook something nice.

Q3: Since it's the 7th Anniversary, name your 7 best ship girls as an Admiral!

A3: I'll list them in no particular order! It's Murasame, Yura, Ooi, Mogami, Saratoga MkII, Kaga and Intrepid. Murasame and Yura can perform many different roles just by swapping their equipment. I take them to as many EOs as I can. I entrust them with anti-ship, anti-sub, anti-air and even anti-installation! I like Oicchi! I shouldn't say this out loud but, whenever I put Oicchi in a fleet I always say "I'm counting on you Oicchi, thanks as always" with a big grin. Mogamin can do surface combat and use Zuiuns. She's part of the Nishimura Fleet! Sara can do night battles! I'm really thankful that a carrier can participate in night battles when I sortie to certain maps. I like Kaga! Her calm outer appearance hides a heart filled with passion and confidence. I also depend on the number of planes she can carry... Intrepid is also outstanding in that department... Also I really love the way she calls you "Honey". I also like to use Coma-chan who is just perfect for doing dailies with. Oops, that's already 8 girls!

As for the other girls, I still count on them to play to their strengths. Like Akitsushima or Hayasui (the bunch that we need to deal chip damage with in events). Or Ryuujou that gives a strong impression of being a 2-slotter! Or Nimu that always seems to take MVP during exercises at my naval base. Or Kinu who does my expeditions! ...I want to talk about them so much more but we'd run out of time...! I think those are the 7 Best (and more) that I can rely on. I just can't stop thinking of them...! Lastly, I'd like to say that ship girls will be happy if you rely on them!

Q4: Since it's the 7th Anniversary, name the top 7 ship girls you'd like to share a meal with!

A4: Again in no particular order, Akagi, Pola, Agano, Akigumo, Shiratsuyu, Daitou and Sazanami! I really like girls who would say "delicious" and "yum" when eating... I named all the ship girls who seem like they'd eat delicious food with a big smile. I think any girl would have a great time having a meal with good friends that can make any meal delicious and fun!

Q5: On the topic of KanColle, it has had a number of festivals. I think you've participated in quite a few, but which one was your favourite, Tanibe?

A5: The ones where I can eat good food! Japanese food is good but we've gotten a lot of new girls from overseas, so it'd be great if I could have good food from festivals around the world you know? Eating good food makes you feel great! I want to feel great. When things calm down, we can have plenty of fun festivals. So now, just concentrate on the Stay Home Festival.

Q6: What sort of ship girl would you like to play in the future?

A6: I'd like the challenge of playing a girl with a different image. Like a foul mouthed girl, or an androgynous girl, or a cool girl, or a loving big sister-type girl would be fun...

In relation to fleet strength, I'd like to play a different ship type than I already have. Someone with strong air power would be nice but I think that someone who's combat style can be changed depending on the situation so that I can use her every day would be fun too.

Q7: Please send a message to the Weekly Famitsu readers and the Admiral!

A7: To all the Famitsu readers and the Admirals, KanColle has reached it's 7th Anniversary thanks to you. Thank you very much. Over these 7 years, the bonds I have with the ship girls I played, the bonds I made with my ship girls as an Admiral, and the bonds I have with all of the other Admirals all grew stronger. I think this is what connects us all in the world of KanColle. If you look around you, you'll find comrades who like the same thing. Every time I look at a fellow Admiral who loves KanColle I find new things to appreciate about it. It just gives me a sense of belonging. I think there are many ways of expressing yourself. I love this world of KanColle that everyone has built together. I'd like to continue moving forwards into the future with everyone. Please continue to support KanColle in its 8th year.


Translation provided by Leyana.