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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine October 2017

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Comptiq's October 2017 Interview with Tanaka

The following interview comes from within the Comptiq Magazine's October issue which was released on September 8th, 2017.

Within the article, the Chief in Editor has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka regarding KanColle's upcoming content that is coming up following the completion of the Summer 2017 Event. Which includes the introduction of a new Night Battle Fighters which include the F6F-3N and F6F-5N along with other unique planes based on a named squadron that was also used in night battle combat.

In addition, they note new revision of carrier mechanics will be released in the upcoming update and a carrier that will be tied to the intrduction of night fighters within the upcoming update.

Finally Tanaka continues by mentioning some details regarding the later line of Mitsukoshi products and the upcoming 4th KanColle Naval Review , hinting of the possible return of the Naval District Saury Festival, New Ship girls for the Fall and the upcoming Fall 2017 Event.

To a New Season! With the KanColle Management Naval District This Month, Just Before Autumn

A new update for carrier mechanics!? The summer event ends, and the season changes to autumn. Finally, this autumn, the biggest Kancolle Naval Review will be released!

Editor-ko (From now on, E): Thank you for your hard work! You seem busy. This issue of Comptiq will have a special feature section about Kancolle! We would like all sorts of information and material!

Tanaka-ko (From now on, Ta): Thank you! Ah I see, a special feature section. Thanks you for that.

E: What’s that shown on the screen?

T: Those are the preparations for the new 2nd remodel that will be implemented during the next maintenance.

E: I see, so this is it! Her planes look strong!

T: Well, that’s the F6F, which controlled the skies in the latter half of the war. The F6F, its later mass-produced version and night fighter model, at the same time as the 2nd remodel, is being prepared to be implemented.

E: A night fighter model?

T: Basically, for night battle. The night fighter models F6F-3N and F6F-5N will be implemented, and if used upon a carrier capable of night battle, it is planned to allow it to attack at night.

E: Night battle capable carriers! So this is what the new 2nd remodel will be?

T: Of course, the shipgirl receiving the new remodel will be able to utilise this. On top of that, by deploying the newly implemented aircraft and crew, the existing standard carriers can also utilise these new night battle mechanics as night battle carriers. This upcoming update will be a carrier update.

E: Really?

T: Of course, the effectiveness of night attacks is limited, but this allows carriers to have some capabilities during night battle. It’s an “if” situation, but it’d be nice if “that squadron” based at Iwagawa base, which happens to also be the name of one of the servers, will also be able contribute to the night battle…

E: “That squadron”? What’s that?

T: Ah, please look that up yourself! It’s a land based unit led by an excellent commander that continued to fight until the end. [1] I think you’ll definitely like them. They used planes such as Suiseis refitted for night fighting.[2] It’s been said that since this unit sortied mainly at night in deteriorating condition of the war, during the day, they would let livestock upon their base to disguise it…[3]

E: That seems quite, interesting. Ah, speaking of which, didn’t Iwagawa server have cows and stuff on its banner?

T: While not Japanese aircraft, the night battle craft that were actually used upon carriers and the standard version of that aircraft will be implemented in this upcoming update. The American Navy’s Avenger torpedo bomber’s night battle version has a radar, and by equipping it upon the aforementioned night battle carrier, will allow it to show its true value.

E: The avenger! How scary!

T: Regarding carriers, the normal daytime air battle will also be affected by this upcoming update. The composition of the attack squads, and also the carriers’ “luck” parameter, etc., will have an effect on the outcome of the battle.

E: Ooh! So the utilisation of air units will evolve with this update too! By the way, what’s this? Umm, the Special Type destroyer’s… The Fubuki class’s…

T: That’s the Special Type destroyer Isonami!

E: Right, right, Isonami! That’s a nice camera she’s holding. What’s this?

T This is the limited-time artwork to be implemented alongside the publication of this year’s Kancolle Naval review. Looks great, doesn’t it? We’re also preparing her sister Uranami.

E: Oh really! For Special Type festival!

T: Nah, it’s just the for the 4th KanColle Naval Review.

E: Ah I see. This time you’re having a huge exhibition.

T: Yeah. We can’t afford to do this every time, but this year we are able to hold it at Tokyo Big Sight. There’ll be extra-large stages in the East 4 and East 5 halls, and East 6 hall will be dedicated to selling goods.

E: Will you display the 1:1 Zuiun!?

T: We wanted to, but this time it’ll be impossible. Unfortunately, we could not get the time to get it ready, so we’re not doing it. In its place, we’re displaying some new things in the display hall and on the stage. While the taking of photos is prohibited in general at the Kancolle Naval Review, but we’ve been considering allowing photography in some areas… We’re sorry if that’s not allowed. So Isonami will be on stand-by for such an event, yes…

E: What’s that bonus-time looking sketch you got there?

T: Something we’re doing since we can’t use the Zuiun… We’re sorry if we can’t make it.

E: This time there’ll be 22 voice actors for all the shipgirls, and the venue is also huge. It’s huge, again, but in a different way from the Anchorage Zuiun Festival. Ah, that’s right, that nostalgic special zuiun. Seems like you’re making more of those?

T: Yes, it won’t be 1:1 scale, but we’re producing large amounts of small versions of “that nostalgic zuiun”, that you can take home! If there’s a huge surplus… the staff will just take them for themselves! The Hiryuu CA mode figure that’s part of the Kancolle Jet Flight commemoration is also in limited supply, but it can be delivered. Hopefully it’ll arrive on time.

E: I’ll go and cover the 4th Kancolle Naval Review! The summer event will also end by then, so Kancolle will enter autumn season.

T: That’s right. The 2017 summer event has been running for a long time, and is due to finish around the time this magazine gets published.[4] The percentage of completion of the event maps by the admirals, at the current point in time (End of August), is around 80% at the lowest, and around 90% at the highest. This time, there are a total of 7 maps as part of the main operation and extra operation, so it’s quite a large scale event. At about the same time, the collaboration with Mikoshi has been successful, so I’m happy about that. Especially, the collaboration for alcohol and food was to my heart’s desire, and I’m especially pleased about that.

E: I bought a “Canned Curry”! Speaking of curry, the curry recipe obtained from the Kancolle Lottery looked tasty, so the editorial department actually tried making it! It worked perfectly to resupply nutrition during the summer event! Being a large-scale event, I had imagined that it’d be a tough operation, but it felt like the old summer events! There’s a lot of different scaled events, aren’t there?

T: Indeed. We’re planning an autumn event that will leave yet a different impression.

E: Speaking of autumn, what about the pacific saury? The Anchorage festival was “Zuiun” festival, but in-game, will there be a saury event this year!?

T: We might discuss that more during the Naval Review!

E: What are the new autumn shipgirls going to be like?

T: We might talk more about that during the Naval Review too!

E: Might, might. Well, can’t be helped, so I’ll take this Yuugumo class shipgirl sketch!

T: Ah, eh!?

E: No worries! I’ll make sure to publish it! Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to this autumn’s Kancolle Naval Review, and also the direction Kancolle takes this autumn!

(End of August, 2017 / At the KanColle Management Naval District)

Credit goes to User:Geffory Wang for his translation work.


  1. Iwagawa base is famous for the pilots from the Fuyou Squadron who were skilled at taking planes into night battle combat.
  2. This may be referring to the night battle variant of the Suisei, which was striped of it's bombing capabiliteis and converted into a night fighter to allow it to conduct night battle missions
  3. Iwagawa Base had used cows to disguise thier base to give it the appearance of a farm during the war.
  4. This however did not happen due to the fact that Lingga Server and Truk Server both suffered from thier connection going down for a few days pushing the event till September 12th.