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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Kancolle Style Vol. 2

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The following interview comes from within the Kancolle Guide Book "Kancolle Style Vol.2" which was released on July 28th, 2016. Within the book, Chief Editor Hiki has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka. Within the article, Takana discusses about details regarding Kantai Collection, what's in store for it for the second half of this year, the Summer 2016 Event, The Android Version, The Arcade, and its future as it proceeds to march its way into towards its 4th year.

Questions for the KanColle Management Base (Summer)

Interview Article with Kensuke Tanaka from Kancolle Style Vol.2

Chief Editor Hiki discusses the latest news and developments with KanColle Producer Tanaka!

KanColle 4th Summer

Chief Editor Hiki (hereafter CEH): Thank you for all your hard work! It’s quite hot, isn’t it?

Producer Tanaka (hereafter PT): Indeed. The weather agency says we’re still in the rainy season (interview took place in early July) but it really does feel like summer is upon us.

CEH: Kadokawa also appears to have finished editing work on the “KanColle Style 2” official mook[1]. Thank you so much for cooperating with the information on both the original and arcade versions!

PT: You’re welcome.

CEH: Ae you preparing to enter the latter stage for the first implementation of the Android version?

PT: Yes. By mid-July, we expect that all admirals who applied for the initial group will be able to access the Android version. We also expect to open up the Android version for all admirals before the summer event begins.

CEH: I see, It’s nearly time for the summer event, isn’t it?

PT: Yes, it is! Time flies, doesn’t it. The summer event season is finally here, along with the development and preparation that implies. We’re also preparing for the KanColle Naval Review and working on expanding the Android version in tandem as well. Not to mention that we’ll be doing a special collaboration with convenience stores starting in autumn…. Hiki, sorry, but I might have to cut things short today. Sorry!

CEH: Wow, you’re really working on a lot of stuff! But, seeing as how you’re here right now, please tell us a little bit about the summer event.

PT: Roger, this summer... the underlying concept is 'Summer!' 'Swimsuits!'. Well I guess that's pretty obvious. Sorry.

CEH: No, it’s quite alright. But to expand on this subject, which shipgirls will have swimsuits this summer?

PT: The shipgirls that had them last year will have them again, of course. In addition, we are planning to implement swimsuits for more DDs and CLs, as well as the nameship of the Yamato class (Yamato) and the second ship of the Mogami class (Mikuma) later in the season.

CEH: Wait, seriously, Kumarinko!?

PT: Yes-kuma…wait, not that Kuma.

CEH: So, a capital ship, and a surprising one too! I’m really looking forward to it!

PT: In terms of operations, Spring was a big one, so we’re planning a mid-sized operation for summer. Still, there will be many different types of battles. We’re bringing back land-based air forces, and there will be anti-submarine and surface battles as well. As for new ships, we’re adding a few Japanese ships, as well as a large foreign ship. Look forward to it!

CEH: Wow! Will we be able to select difficulty levels again?

PT: Yes. All admirals will have access to Easy mode, while experienced admirals will be able to choose Medium and Hard mode. Please choose the level that best fits your KanColle style.

CEH: Thanks so much for fitting it to the mook’s title. About when will the summer event start?

PT: We are on schedule to begin shortly after the Third KanColle Naval Review.

CEH: This year’s Review will also feature Megumi Nakajima, the voice of Hatsuzuki! Along with the “PX Irako/Canteen"[2][3]that will open in Yokosuka at the end of the month, there’ll be plenty to write about!

PT: I look forward to reading about it! At the Review, we will not only reveal new information about the upcoming summer event, but we are also preparing so that we can share new details about KanColle Arcade and the upcoming movie.

CEH: Wow! Will there be new developments in the arcade version?

PT: After summer, we plan to roll out more units of the arcade version. In addition, we are working with the staff at AM2 to bring you the first event for KanColle Arcade.

CEH: Wow! It’s finally happening! What will happen with KanColle after autumn?

PT: In the second half of the year, we are planning a food-related collaboration. We are also planning on implementing new ship types and are working on other new developments as well. Even in its fourth year, KanColle will continue to advance forward.

CEH: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us! When the summer battles are over, let us treat you to some fine Japanese sake!

(July 2016)

(Special Thanks to Leyana and Tom Akagi for their translation assistance)

  1. a mook is a publication that looks like a magazine but is intended to stay on bookstore shelves for longer. It’s a combination of the words “magazine” and “book”.
  2. PX is the abbrivated form for Post Exchange which sundry shop typically found on military bases The PX Irako/Canteen serves as a souvenir shop and a dinning hall.
  3. http://www.bpnavi.jp/sp/35