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Saki Fujita Interview: Comptiq Janurary 2018

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The following interview was conducted in the Comptiq Magazine January 2018 edition (released on December 10th, 2017) in which seiyuu Saki Fujita discusses her involvement with KanColle.

Within this 2 page article, Saki Fujita does an interview and talks about her experiences and impression of the characters she has voiced as well as discussing her progress in the Fall 2017 Event.


Saki Fujita provided a chilling performance as Fusō & Yamashiro as they were facing their decisive battle. We had her talk about the feelings she put into her lifelike acting and the new shipgirl "Suzutsuki", among other things.

Saki Fujita interview
Her feelings for Fusou, Yamashiro and the Nishimura Fleet

Recording the Fusō sisters' new voice lines with their "feelings" in mind!

Japanese English
Page 1

扶桑、山城が中核を担う西村艦隊が活躍するとうたわれ、そして「決戦前夜ボイス」も実装されました。 追加ボイスについて、どのような思いで収録に臨まれましたか?






――――この秋には、不知火の「秋の私服mode」も実装されました。 不知火の私服姿のイラストを見たときの感想を教えてください。


---- The fall event "Showdown at Operation Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 1)" was announced as an event where the Nishimura Fleet, with Fusou & Yamashiro at its centre, would play an important role, and they even added "Eve of the Final Battle" voice lines. What was going through your head as you were tackling the recordings of those new voice lines?

Fujita: Ever since I got involved with KanColle, I took it upon myself to gradually learn more about the ships I voice and their historical backgrounds, and I grew really fond of the Nishimura Fleet. Of course I love all the shipgirls I voice, but I find it cute just how much of a handful they are in particular.
Yamashiro especially is someone I've always wanted to become happy. That's why I was so overjoyed when this fall event would be the chance for the Nishimura fleet to be in the limelight.
So I was like "Let's overcome this disastrous history!" when I voiced them.
Actual history can never be changed, but I think one of KanColle's unique charms is its capability to create a narrative that allows one to relive history all while being able to overcome it if you try hard enough.
I think the shipgirls themselves would agree with that sentiment, so I tried to create a performance that was filled with their feelings and emotions.

---- What was going through your head as you were looking up the actual history of Fusō and the other members of the Nishimura Fleet?

Fujita: The historical context is different from today, so I can't really say anything without giving it some thought, but... If I had to say what I felt as the voice actress of these shipgirls, then, frankly speaking, I think I'd feel dejected and regretful having to sortie under such harsh conditions, only to be forced to witness my sister ships and comrades sink right in front of my eyes as I myself sank.
That's exactly why I want to play them in such a way that they're loved by everyone, now that they've been reborn, surely happily, in KanColle.

---- Are there any voice lines that left a particularly lasting impression during the recent recording sessions?

Fujita: I was glad I could record a conversation between Fusou and Yamashiro. When we record lines for the game we usually record each of them separately, but this time the conversation lines were performed together. I think those who've cleared the fall event will probably understand what I mean when I say that, even though Fusou and Yamashiro are sisters, their reactions to accomplishing the same thing are vastly different.
So I made extra sure to properly express their different personalities!

---- We also got Shiranui's "Casual Autumn Mode" this autumn..
Please give us your first impression on Shiranui's casual seasonal.

Fujita: Shipgirls in casual clothing is a kind of funny idea, that's for sure.
As soon as I took a look at Shiranui's casual clothing I thought "Yep, that's like her!". (laugh)
That hoodie... it just suits her so well!
And her expression doesn't feature that usual piercing glance but instead a little bit of a plain softness to it.
Her unguarded look is really cute.
I want to see the other Kagerō-class shipgirls in casual clothes.
To let my imagination run wild for a moment, I guess Kagerō would wear something that's currently in fashion, and Kuroshio maybe something surprisingly girly?
And it would be pretty hilarious if Yukikaze wore a neat and elegant outfit. As for Tokitsukaze...... (laugh)

Page 2

――――秋イベントに合わせて、藤田さんが演じる新艦娘の涼月も実装されました。 演じられた藤田さんから見て、彼女はどんな艦娘でしょうか?



藤田:とりあえずE1が終わりました! スロースタートからブーストしていくタイプなので、



---- Suzutsuki, the new shipgirl you voiced, was also introduced together with the autumn event.
As the one who voiced her, what kind of shipgirl do you think she's like?

Fujita: At the Fourth KanColle Naval Review I had the opportunity to sing the Akizuki-class sisters' theme song "Tsukiyomi", and that song pretty much encapsulates my impression of Suzutsuki. Fleeting, beautiful, sublime.
But she's a very caring shipgirl because she really loves the people around her.
When I found out what happened to her historical counterpart I cried my eyes out, and even when I was singing "Tsukiyomi" at the recording studio or the Naval Review I had to hold back my tears whenever I thought of what happened to Suzutsuki. Before recording her voice lines I was briefed that she's a "classical beauty" of sorts, so I voiced her as a pure, honest, and beautiful - an upright - shipgirl. Her lines were polite, familial, and full of love. I remember how I made sure to emphasize that as I performed them.

---- By the way, Fujita-san, since you are also active in KanColle as "Admiral Sakki"[1], what's your personal impression of the fall event?
(※ Editor's note: interview was conducted in mid-November)

Fujita: For now I'm done with E-1![2] I'm the type that starts slowly and finishes fast, so as long as I've decided on my fleet compositions I rush through everything!
Since I recorded the Abyssal ships' voice lines together with the autumn event lines this time, I thought "Aren't I fighting myself~?", which also brought back nightmares of the Aircraft Carrier Princess. (laugh)
But I don't want the Fusou sisters' determination as they're facing their decisive battle to be for nothing, and I really want to meet Suzutsuki, so I'm definitely going to clear it!
If there's one thing I regret though, it's that this time I didn't have a chance to get hyped with all the admirals out there.
I'd really love to get more opportunities to meet up with everyone!

---- And lastly, a message for the Comptiq-reading Admirals, if you please.

Fujita: Good work, admirals!
Since this event is based on the Battle of Leyte Gulf, it turned out to be one that holds a very special place in my heart.
Special mechanics that give you an advantage for bringing historical ships have been done before, but this we've also prepared special dialogue and more, so I think the shipgirls will grow on you even more just by playing the event.
I know that the event will be over soon, but if there are people who haven't tackled it yet, I'd be really glad if you tried anyway and managed to bring Suzutsuki home.
I'll continue to keep up the KanColle hype as Admiral Sakki, and thank you for your support!

Translation was provided User:Admiral_Mikado


  1. Admiral Sakki is Saki Fujita's KanColle playername.
  2. When the event concluded, Saki Fujita just barely managed to complete E-4 and obtain Suzutsuki.