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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine March 2017

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The following interview comes from within the Comptiq Magazine's March issue which was released on Feburary 10th, 2017. Within the small article, Chief in Editor has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka on a small detail regarding the event and the content which is coming up before braking the forth wall and then proceed the article to discuss about the following page which talks about the KanColle 4D Movie..

An Interview with the KanColle HQ Naval District

T-ko (hereafter T): Happy New Year! Comp here!

Tanakako (hereafter Ta): Eh, it's already Setsubun. More like, by the time this issue comes out, it'll be almost Valentine's Day. Also, the winter event, the winter event!

'T: Right! That's what I came to ask about!

'Ta: Winter event 2017 will be Limited Time Operations Area: Recon Force Emergency Deployment! Operation Hikari.

T: Yes, what kind of operation will it be?

Ta: This year's winter event will be a relatively small-scale operation. So, the number of maps will be...

T: It's a 3 map event, right!?

Ta: Yes. The theme for this event is Operation Hikari. It was planned and executed late in the war, and involved I-class subs transporting Saiuns to Truk in a reinforcement operation. With the increased recon capabilities, they would observe the enemy carrier forces based at Ulithi in preparation for an attack.

T: Ulithi base! Operation Hikari!

Ta: Historically, a follow-up called Operation Arashi was planned, but in this mission, because we have the strength of the shipgirls, things will develop differently. Also, earlier maps will include operation preparations in Nanao Bay and defense and patrol operations to Chichijima in the Ogasawara Islands.

T: Ogasawara again. Which means?

Ta: Yes, we're planning introduce a sister of Harukaze and Asakaze who sank during trasport operations in that area.

T: Oh! What kind of girl is she?

Ta: In addition to the destroyer girl who participated in surface patrols, we will introduce new submarine equipment, as well as an I-class sub who helped Operation Hikari succeed despite impossible odds. Also, another girl who participated in Operation Hikari...

T: ...who participated...

Ta: She's sort of a twin, in a sense...what!? We're running out of space...

T: You're right! This is not good!

Ta: In February, we'll be introducing the movie in 4DX and MX4D, as well as new information about the arcade version in JAEPO, and releasing Kanmusu Ondo on CD. Please enjoy the full version of Kanmusu Ondo, as well as Yura's solo Kanmusu Ondo Kai! 4DX and MX4D will take the movie in a whole new direction, so please experience it if you have the chance! At the theater, there will be plates and coasters with new original art, too!

T: Eeep! Next time, I'll need to prepare more space! On the next page, there'll be a quick report about 4DX and MX4D. See you in spring!

(late January 2017, at Kancolle Management Base)

Special Thanks to User:BauxiteKing for translations and the Anons of /a/ for providing information to the mentioned post.