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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine October 2020

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Comptiq's October 2019 Interview with Tanaka page 1
Comptiq's October 2020 Interview with Tanaka page 2


This is an interview with Tanaka that was released in the October 2020 Issue of Comptiq. In this interview, Kensuke Tanaka is interviewed at a race track of Fuji Speedway while he was testing out the Akagi Noah and Kongou 86 which he discusses about over the interview. In addition, he mentions brifely about his plans for the upcoming Fall Event and what his plans are with the Saury Festival as fishing was poor this year.

Outside of this, he goes on to talk about his plans for the above mentioned cars, his collaboration with Koumi Hirose, the Kure Naval District and the curry insitution.

We've made it through summer - what are the next developments!?

Interviewer (I): Comptiq here, thanks for having us! It's so hot though. Right then, here's a gift - iced cafe au lait and a snack. For everyone, of course.

Tanaka (T): B-Been ages. Iced latte! Thanks. I'm a fan of barley tea for this time of year, but iced latte is great too. Oh, that's so refreshing. Here everyone, from Comptiq-san!

I: Thought you'd like it, I'm glad. And good work on the 2020 Summer Event, "Stop the Invasion! Island Defenses Reinforcement Operation"!

T: Thank you! Putting it together as a large-scale event with ten new ships, the first half for tsuyu and the second for summer, came with a lot of problems. We're currently assembling a little tighter, simpler event for next time.

I: Already preparing the next event? Oh right, you mentioned we'd be on an expedition westward.

T: That's right, we plan for the next event to be on the European front, as is often the case for our summer events.

I: But it's still so hot... wait, why are we even here?

T: Hm? What do you mean, here?

I: You know, at the Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka prefecture...

T: Fuji Speedway. It's great, isn't it? That straightaway is almost like the runway of an airbase. It's got the echoing roar, and the sort of elevated feeling you can only get at a place like the base of Mount Fuji. Just standing here gets you excited, right? I'm glad you were able to make it.

I: What? Oh, yes. Right. It's certainly my first time interviewing anyone in the pit of the Fuji Speedway. S-So, uh, that station wagon with the "A" written on it, what is that? Don't tell me...

T: Yes, that's "Akagi" of the CarDiv 1 Noah.

I: This is the rumored... nice!

T: Right? The bottom of the car's even the same color as a ship's keel. And look at the top, the roof. It's painted like Akagi's flight deck.

I: But the car's so tall, you usually won't be able to see that wonderful deck-

T: We're fine there! The And the fuel door, and this portion under the waterline... ah, this unassuming Akagi silhouette is great too. And we based these arrows on Shibafu-san's design.

Running by Mount Fuji! CarDiv 1 Noah and the Prototype Kongou-class 86 [1]

I: Well, at least this one wouldn't be too unnatural on the streets... although you can make out the "A" on the back from pretty far away. Can't say if it's tasteful or not, but it certainly stands out. Woah! What was that one that just flew by, with the really awesome sound!?

T: Now that is the first of the Prototype Kongou-class 86, "Kongou". It's a prototype, so the body has an almost-black gun-metal tint, but we're aiming for something a bit lighter than a mass-produced car's finish for this project. This one's based on Konishi-san's design. We're still preparing "Hiei", "Haruna", and "Kirishima".

I: Oh wow. Will you be decorating them like with the Zuiun?

T: No, the plan is to sell them as normal drivable vehicles. We'll have a full lineup with CarDiv 1 Noah's "Akagi" and "Kaga" and Kongou-class 86's "Kongou, "Hiei", "Haruna", and "Kirishima".

I: Seriously?

T: I've been chipping away at this project as sort of a weekend hobby since last year, but a lot happened this spring, and we should be able to publicly unveil it this fall. Although, it's pretty fun just to see them in action, but if any admirals are interested, you will certainly have the opportunity to have one as a beloved vehicle to spend your days with and call your own!

I: So once again you've done whatever came to mind.

T: Things on screen are fun, obviously, but I hope to use KanColle as an opportunity to help people to discover all the fun, wonderful things life has to offer, like the 86 and Fuji Speedway.

A historically poor sanma catch! Will we be saying goodbye to the sanma festival this year?

T: Speaking of wonderful things, our beloved sanma! ...is actually experiencing an overwhelmingly, historically poor catch this year. The price for the first of this year is exorbitant. So we're thinking of dropping it this year, both in the game and as a real life event. We're preparing to have an ordinary limited-time event in-game this fall - call it the fall event. Hopefully we can have sanma back next year.

I: But we just finished that super-large summer event!

T: Yeah, so we'll place this event a bit later in fall. Our Kai Ni remodel projects are all steadily progressing. We just implemented a large-scale remodel for the Kaga-class aircraft carrier Kaga, but we still have more to add.

The large-scale remodel for the second half of this year is the Goddess of Fortune!?

I: Would love if you could tell me something concrete!

T: We're waiting for the right moment this fall to implement a large-scale remodel for the legendary destroyer who, even after the war ended, crossed the sea and made more history to tell. This will also be a two-part, large-scale remodel. We've already finished recording the voice lines, so please look forward to it.

I: Interesting! Any more!?

T: We're working on a Kai Ni remodel plan for the most state-of-the-art domestic light cruisers. We'll start with large-scale remodels for the second and third ships of that class. We're working earnestly to get these in this year.

I: Hoh!

T: We're working on a Kai Ni remodel plan for the aircraft cruisers of CruDiv 7. On top of that, starting with Kaga we have several large-scale remodels in the works for other ships. The plan is to get them in one after another. Hope you look forward to them. As far as new ships go...

I: Oh yeah, new ship info, give, give!

T: The Type D destroyers finally made their appearance this year with the Matsu-class. Watanabe Akio-san, who designed Matsu, is working on the decorated Take, who struck back fiercely despite her armament being limited by wartime scarcity. We plan to also get her in by this year.

I: Zeco-san did a lot for us during the first half of this year! Fletcher and South Dakota, and the great yukata seasonal!

T: Zeco-san has been supporting KanColle for ages, but now it's really an all-in situation for him. It won't be long before we add his next new shipgirl. Can't wait! Zeco-san has many Japanese fans as well. He's studying away at Japanese, and while he can't come to Japan right now, if the situation settles he should be able to make it for the Curry Preparat event.

I: Curry Preparat! What are you up to this fall?

T: I'm grateful that Curry Preparat will now be holding its fifth sequence. Oh right, right, while we're here. I'm thinking about holding a Naval District Eel Festival, along with the CarDiv 1 Noah and Kongou-class 86 announcement event we talked about earlier, here at the vast Fuji Speedway sprawling across the base of Mount Fuji a little later this fall.

Curry and Eel Lunchboxes and Kure Naval District. Plus, the Winter Queen once again. This unique world expands again this fall!

I: Here?

T: Here! This vast area like an airfield, beneath the great sky - even, if possible, on this wonderful straightaway itself, watching the Kanmusu Ondo from the base of Mount Fuji at a reasonable distance! What do you think?

I: Well it's certainly the kind of mysterious development you'd expect from the KanColle Management Naval District...

T: And, on top of the development research for safely grilled, delicious, domestically raised eel, C2 Preparat will also be selling its special Naval District Eel Festival Prototype Domestic Eel Lunchbox in advance during the fifth Curry Preparat.


T: It's our own in-house development, even as far as the sauce - we tried using sansho pepper. They'll all come with questionnaires on the grilling level, sauce, taste, and such, in the hopes of getting it right in time for the Naval District Eel Festival.

I: What the heck, such an elaborate plan... that said, the Kobe beef you've already developed really was delicious!

T: Right now there's plenty of these high-quality ingredients it was hard to get our hands on before, so if anything, you might call it an opportunity to experiment with delicious food you wouldn't normally dare to mess with. Please do experience all these flavors for yourself and enjoy! Ah, right, Curry Preparat - the Winter Queen Hirose Kohmi-san, she was quite the wonderful lady![2]

I: She was at the Sasebo Naval District Expedition.

T: We've struck a good relationship since then. Right now we're working on a KanColle cover by her. It's an unbelievable opportunity.

I:No kidding?

T: No kidding. Admiral Hirose also has a message for all your Admiral readers, just for this interview.

I: Thank you very much, we'll run it!

T: Also, we'd love to host another Kure Naval District like last year for everyone in Kure city. We told her that and she's been working hard preparing to do so by the end of the year. There'll be lots of things, if she can fit it in her schedule... yeah!

I: Oh yeah, "Kure-shi" stood among Tanibe-san and the Shipgirl Strike Force like it was totally normal. Was that unplanned!?

T: No, Kure-shi came over for us! He's pretty mobile, despite appearances! Oh and, the new anime production is progressing, and...

I: Woah, unfortunately, you'll have to save that for next time! Thank you for having us on this hot day, and while you're preparing things on the Fuji Speedway! Hope you'll have us again!

Tanaka Kensuke

KanColle Management Naval District (C2 Preparat)
(Late August, 2020, Fuji Speedway)

Message from Kohmi Hirose

To the Admirals:

Hello to all the Admirals. This is Hirose Kohmi.
We'll be able to make a very wonderful announcement soon. It's very, very challenging material, I can't wait to be able to share this excitement it with everyone. Let's sing together!

Hirose Kohmi

Special thanks to User:/a/nonymous for his translation work


  1. These are reskins of the Toyota Noah minivan and Toyota 86 sports car.
  2. "Winter Queen": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohmi_Hirose