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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine July 2018

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Comptiq's July 2018 Interview with Tanaka with Ise Kai Ni concept diagram

The following interview comes from Comptiq Magazine's June's issue, which was released on June 10th, 2018.

In the article, Comptiq's T-ko interviews Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka, and talk about the success of the Zuiun Festival at Yomiuri Land and goes into detail about the famous "Haruna Bungee" ride.

In addition, he shares a concept illustration regarding Ise's upcoming Kai Ni Remodel and explains briefly about the planning concept behind the design.

Finally, he talks hints about the upcoming beer collaboration which will be taking place with Mitsukoshi in the following month along with rainy season imagary.

Man, the Yomiuri Land Zuiun Festival was quite the event! Even as we bask in those memories... these diagrams... Ise Kai Ni!

Interviewer (I): It went pretty well! Thanks for all the hard work! Comptiq here!

Tanaka (T): Oh, thank you as well! Thank you for the coverage! We're still in overtime, but the final festivities on stage and the final great Kanmusu Ondo rally went off without a hitch at Yomiuri. Now all that's left is to disassemble the Zuiun and Hyuuga we placed in Yomiuri Land-san's pool piece-by-piece!

I: The first Zuiun Festival at Fuji-Q Highland was already something astounding enough I figured nothing could top it, but then somehow this second one managed it - the scale is just something else!

T: Yeah, when we were location scouting for the project, we got a lot of support from everyone at Yomiuri Land, and while there were obviously some restrictions for the most part we could pack in whatever we wanted to do, whatever we could do, and the things both sides shared! As a result the Zuiun Festival was fun not only for the participating admirals, of course, but also for everyone at Yomiuri Land, which we're really glad about! Thank you very much!

I: The Haruna Bungee was quite a surprise! Really set some kind of record there!

T: The original idea was jumping into an Abyssal Princess-class, but during location scouting we noticed the superstructure of the jump platform itself sort of resembled the Kongou-class hairband, so we made it a Kongou-class attraction. For some reason our female employees really insisted on Haruna? and thus the Haruna Bungee was born.

I: What a nice, spontaneous feel! I believe they had to switch out parts, so successful an impact it had.

T: We ended up breaking Yomiuri Land's bungee jumper record! I was a little surprised to hear that from Yomiuri Land-san! Haruna is still fine, probably, but Kongou, the one on the safety cushion you hug as you fall, took considerable damage...[1] If we do it again, we'll have to remake it.

I: Ahaha! Incredible.

T: And on the stage that last day of the Zuiun Festival, we announced the Kai Ni remodel for the first of the Ise-class aircraft-carrying battleships, who were intended to carry Zuiun.

I: These diagrams then, right!?

T: Yeah! These plans have actually been around for over a year now, but we along with Shibafu vacillated as we tried to figure out the visuals and rigging arrangement. It ended up being the Kai Ni remodel with the most time in its conceptual phase in KanColle history.

I: This rigging... A full length flight deck... could it be?

T: The ongoing Fifth Anniversary Quests and Supply Corps Quests will be ending mid-June. We plan to implement this Kai Ni in an update accompanying that maintenance. Please feel free to speculate until then and look forward to it! Yeah!

I: Mid-June huh! I can't wait!

T: The rainy season is coming up, followed by summer of course! We're preparing a shipgirl original taste craft beer, "Kanmusu Beer" that we hope you can enjoy this coming summer. Currently we're working on manufacturing!

I: Gotta love beer! We'll be waiting for summer as the rainy season comes! Thank you for both the Zuiun Festival and for today! We'll be back!

(Late May 2018, KanColle Management Naval District)

Special thanks to User:-a-nonymous for his translation work


  1. The bungee cord had to be replaced due to wear.