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Comptiq Editor's Winter 2018 Impression: Comptiq Magazine May 2018

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The following interview was conducted in the Comptiq Magazine May 2018 edition (released on April 10th, 2018) where several editors (Labeled as Editor A, B and C.) talk about thier impression about the Winter 2018 Event as well as thier reasons for making the certain choices they did.

The following of the editors skill level are known about them:

  • Editor A is an experienced veteran admiral who cleared the entire event on Hard mode.
  • Editor B is also an experienced veteran Admirals who played Hard Mode for the majority of the time with the exception of E-4 and E-5 which he played Normal difficulty on those.
  • Editor C is a less experienced admiral who start off doing the event on hard mode from E-1 to E-3 and E-5, but had to drop the difficulty on all the other maps to Normal Mode outside of E-7 where he dropped to Casual Difficulty

Each editor takes a moment to reflect on what they learned from playing the event as well as Editor's A and B give tips to Editor C on how to prepare for future events.

Three different perspectives, each with their own points to reflect upon

Editor A (Full Hard Mode Clear): Alright, let's start with the Winter 2018 Event.

Editor B (Hard|Hard|Hard|Medium|Medium|Hard|Hard): I got all the ship girls and equipment I wanted, and I think I got through all maps without much trouble. So personally it'd call it an S-Rank Victory.

Editor C (Hard|Hard|Hard|Medium|Hard|Medium|Casual):' I regret not getting Hamanami and Daitou. Since it was the last event of Phase 1 I wanted to clear the maps on higher difficulty levels whenever possible, but if hadn't pushed myself to the limit I might have had an easier time getting those two, and above all I wanted to clear E-7 on Hard, but in the end I was running out of time, so I dropped down to Casual.

A: I guess there were many players who didn't give up on clearing on higher difficulty levels and kept trying until the bitter end because this time you kept most of your progress if you dropped to an easier setting.

B: What about you, A? Sounds like you were trying really hard.

A: Well, I'm really glad I managed to clear everything on Hard. And after that I got the new ship girls, but I guess I got a bit too excited over the fast that it was part 2 of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, soooooo...... I was rushing through the event so fast that before I realized it I'd run out of resources. It's because of the friend fleet's support in E-7 that I barely managed to get the new ship girls before I ran out of resources.

C: If I was suffering that much I'd probably just give up and drop to a lower difficulty level. *laughs*

A: I made progress early into the event and therefore I still had time left, so I figured I could still do more sorties after sending out some expeditions and letting the soft cap do its magic. I think it's important to have some leeway in your event schedule. This time there were several occasions for specific ship girls and pieces of equipment to shine, and I suppose admirals who had neither had to see what compositions they should use instead. What was it like for you, C? You're still relatively new to the game after all.

C: I was basically gathering various intel and asking frontliners and took all that into consideration for my setups.

B: Intel gathering is important after all.

C: I guess the flipside of that is putting off tackling a map because it's difficult only to end up running out of time. *laughs*

A: As far as my preparations are concerned I found it fun how it felt like, after making sure to get all the equipment and ship rewards, and clearing all the missions and previous events, everything I had ever accomplished in the game had led to this exact moment. Even though I rushed right into the event in my suicidal overconfidence.

B: If you clear maps on higher difficulty levels whenever possible and get top-tier rewards they sure come in handy later. This line of thought played a role in my case, so I selected the difficulty levels in such a way that I'd get all new pieces of equipment, even if it meant going for Hard Mode.

A: Yep, another approach is to select a lower difficulty level depending on, for example, the rewards. I myself tend to go full Hard Mode as soon as the event starts. *laughs*

'B: I guess. This time I cleared E-4 and E-5 on Medium Mode because new ship girls dropped there, which I consider a wise decision, if I may say so myself. *laughs*

C: I see...... I suppose it's also important to know your own fleet. Is there anything I should take into consideration when preparing for the next event?

A: First of all I need to replenish the resources I burned through. *laughs* And level the new girls on the side...... So basically recover what I lost.

B: If there's one thing I think I was lacking somewhat this time, it's seaplane fighters. Up until then I thought six would be enough, but this time eight would have been nice on Hard Mode, so I want to work on them first. Then I'd like to improve my AA via modding, get more AA equipment in general...... Time to go farm mod materials.

C: Hmm. So based on your opinions it's important to compensate for what you lack. There still is so much work that needs to be done in my naval base, so much so that I honestly don't even know where to start, but...... Oh, I guess should work on my backlog of one-time missions. I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that I still can't make stuff like the F6F-5.

A: If you still want to tackle maps on higher difficulty levels, you really should go ahead and clear those missions that give you with all those juicy equipment rewards.

B: Which is why you should also clear all the regular maps. I suppose that's the borderline that separates the beginner from the middle-class admiral.

C: The resource consumption and my girls' injuries made me nervous, so I kinda neglected the end-game maps and mission against my better judgement...... I guess if I work on that it'll only get better from there.

A: Straightforward, but I think that in the end that's the fastest way.

B: Equipment modding is important, but so is basic stuff like expeditions or stockpiling in general. *laughs*

A: *grumbling followed by laughter*

C: Alright, looks like I'll have to keep working hard so that one day even I'll be a Hard Mode admiral in a large-scale event. *laughs*

Translation Provided my User:Admiral_Mikado