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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine May 2017

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Comptiq's May 2017 Interview with Tanaka

The following interview comes from within the Comptiq Magazine's May issue which was released on Apirl 10th, 2017.

Within the article, the Chief in Editor has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka regarding upcoming content about KanColle in terms of collaborations. And reveals hints about the upcoming Spring 2017 Event.

An Interview with the KanColle HQ Naval District

T-Ko (hereafter T): Comptiq is back again this month! And next month we're going all out!

Tanakako (hereafter Ta:): Good work. And roger that. So you want news for next month, right?

T: Gimme some hot news for this month as well!

Ta: Well, for the upcoming update we're going to implement "Suzuya Kai-2" who can be further remodelled into an aircraft carrier, we're also working on the Spring Event, not to mention all these collaborations during this dazzling spring, so we're pretty busy right now!

T: Suzuya, Suzuya! And tell me more about those collaborations!

Ta: This isn't what I signed up for......

T: Oh wow! What's that?

Ta: That's the prototype plating of our 1/1 "Zuiun" project......

T: Dayum, it's huge! And looks so real! Whaddya, prototype...... wait what? 1/1 !?

Ta: Yes, we're working on a 1/1-scale full-size Zuiun.

T: You're kidding!

Ta: Nope, tots serious!

T: Who are you, Fujinami? Oh, and what's this document?

Ta: These are reference artworks of the Yūgumo-class sisters' backs...... also, why are you grabbing them? Hey, give them back!

T: Gimme a sec, gotta add them to the article! Anyway, I found that Mitsukoshi collaboration with futons, sake or that "Can Collection" pretty interesting, but do you have other collaborations planned for the first half of this year?

Ta: We've been working on a lot...... One of these, which we're going to reveal soon, is a collaboration with this LCC company......

T: LCC? ......you mean **va or what?

Ta: What? No! Jets, man! I'm talking about jets!

T: Oh shit! Like, jet airliners?!

Ta: Yes, those. Also, this spring we're making preparations for an orchestra concert tour that'll happen this year. It'll take place in seven metropolitan areas, including the six major ones.

T: I was already surprised by Avail selling casual wear, and now we're getting a nationwide tour!

Ta: We're calling it "Grand Fleet Tour", and it'll go from Hokkaidō in the north down to Kyūshū, that much has already been set in stone. And we're also working on getting it to one more area.

T: Impressive. Hm? What's that map?

Ta: It's the sea area of the upcoming Spring Event......

T: I think I've seen that one before.

Ta: This time the operation is planned to take place up north.

T: Not AL, but still north, huh?

Ta: That's right. It's not an operation in the AL area, but still a northern operation.

T: W-what about its scale?

Ta: This year's Spring Event is going to be "medium-scale".

T: Medium-scale! Which means 4 or 5 maps......

Ta: Yeah, sure...... let's go with that......

T: Alrighty! I'm so excited! We're also getting new ship girls, aren't we?

Ta: Of course. We've prepared a variety of new ship girls! So if we have small ships there'll also be large ones. Oh right, this spring that battleship girl as well as those ultramodern light cruiser sisters will finally be added to the arcade game. There's also the Southern War Princess whom we haven't seen in a while, or the implementation of the PvP system you could test at the location tests this month, so there's a lot to look forward to!

T: I'm looking forward to everything! And don't get started on Suzuya Kai-2! For next month we're gonna work on a special feature article about the fourth anniversary!!

Special thanks to User:Admiral_Mikado for Translations