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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine Septmember 2016

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The following interview comes from within the "Comptiq Magazine September Edition" which was released on August 9th, 2016. Within the book, Chief Editor "T" has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka. Within the article, Takana discusses about details regarding Kantai Collection's upcoming Summer 2016 Event, some of the content that's expected to come out which include an Abyssal in swimsuits, the British Royal Naval Battleship, hints regarding a Singapore Fortress coming to life, The 3rd KanColle Naval Review, and the upcoming release of the Kantai Collection Stamp set which will go on sale on the 12th of August. The Interview was conducted on Late July of 2016.

Administrative Naval Base Visit

Interview page from Comptiq September 2016's edition

T-ko (Hereafter; T): Yo! This is Comptiq. Man, it sure is hot. Summer's here again this year ya know.

Tanaka-ko (Hereafter; Ta): It really is hot. The cicadas are out in broad daylight too. This year summer felt like it snuck up really fast.

T: Man, the heat is getting to me. I'd like an iced coffee.

Ta: Sorry, we don't have it. We do have barley tea.

T: Well, barley tea is fine. How are the preparations for this year's summer event? What are we going to experience this time?

Ta: This year's summer event is a medium scale event with not as many maps. This years summer event is also...!

T: *gulp*... Summer event is also...?

Ta: A "Swimsuit Festival"

T:Oooh, a "Swimsuit Festival"... Wait, what!

Ta: Ah, that's not quite right. The underlying concept is a "Swimsuit Festival"

T: So that's why Yamato, Haruna and the others are... fighting in swimsuits. Hey, that's not underlying at all.

Ta: Of course, but that's not all.

T: Carry on?

Ta: Well... not only the ship girls, but the princess-type abyssals will get swimsuits as well.

T:Are you joking around with me?

Ta: I'm serious.

T: What the hell you mean! (with good intention)

Ta: Well, because spring was a hard battle, it's good to have a change of pace once in a while; but the content will be hot! The underlying concept like this, is for admirals to have fun in the later stages of the event.

T: Man, it's not underlying anymore once you've said it out loud. But the event surely has a theme as well right?

Ta: Yes! The theme developed for this event is the "Battle Off Malaya" (AKA Sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse)! However, in the world of Kancolle, the abyssals were counterattacked in the Western Theater following that batttle; so in order to break through our lines, the kanmusus have launched an attack to intercept them; the counterattack operation will be a "what if" operation entitled "2nd Battle Off Malaya".

T: Ooh, so the theme takes place off Malaya. If that's the case, then the Land-Based Air Squadrons will be making a return!

Ta: That's right. Historically, the air force played a key role in sinking the important enemy battleships; this time, because it's the what if operation of the "2nd Battle" Off Malaya, your torpedo squadrons and main fleets will be key to succeeding in the operation.

T: Oooh, that sound good. ...Come to think of it, there was a Singapore Fortress; are you planning any sort of revival. Like as a harbour or fortress princess!

Ta: (With Passion That's right. That was a key strategic location of the area! Of course it will show up! Definitely! But what is located there is no ordinary princess. Because it's summer! I told you already. We're planning to implement a swimsuit summer dressed summer princess over there.

T: What the hell is that?

Ta (Come to his sense) Sorry for that. It's just a plan. Maybe we can't do that much.....

T: Liar! Isn't that a sketch over there! What is that abyssal!

Ta: That's still classified! Not going to let you see that!

T: Can't underestimate the Naval Base Management Team. Never think you still have an ace in the hole.

Ta: Well, I didn't really hide anything, as it seems I have almost told you everything already......

T: Also I'm curious about the main ship being implemented in the summer event, since it's the Battle Off Malaya, could it be the genuine British battleship Prince of Wales...!?

Ta: Ah, so you've heard. A British battleship is definitely being implemented this summer event. But, this is the 2nd Battle Off Malaya. The British battleship will not be Prince of Wales or Repulse.

T: That can't be! Then what is that sketch! That's her right!

Ta: It's just implementation plans for summer! Just plans!

T: Finally a British ship girl! I'm looking forward to it!

Ta: Besides the British ship girl, we're also implementing other ship girls. Please look forward to it!

T: So what have you got planned after summer?

Ta: In August we will be hosting the 3rd Kancolle Naval Review, after that in the 2nd third of the month will be the summer event and summer Comiket. On 12 Aug, along with official Kadokawa goods, Japan Post will be releasing an official stamp set at the Comiket, post offices around the nation and their web store. We've also got summer Kinugasa art. We will be having a large collaboration in fall with the motif of an "Autumn Festival"; in addition to that, a real life Kancolle event focused around food. Then after that, the fall event!

T: You've got your work cut out for you!

Ta: Also, Kancolle Arcade will be getting its first event. The 5th Carrier Division will finally be arriving. Please look forward to that! In the main version, there will be new planes and a new system implemented. Also, new ship girls will be implemented into normal maps; and finally the Kancolle movie will...

T: You really can't stop. We won't have any more material left for next month's Kancolle special feature. Thank you for talking about this summer! I'm grateful! And on that note!

(Late July 2016/by Kancolle Administrative Naval Base)

Credit goes to Leyana, Anged Obsucrity,Remi Scarlet, Thomas Akagi, a 4chan anon and 211303 for translation assistance. Article provided by 211303