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Nakajima Megumi Interview: Famitsu Weekly May 28th, 2020

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Megumi Nakajima: Seiyuu of the I-168, I-58, Mikuma, and Kinugasa.


Scoring a direct hit with the voice actors of Mikuma and Mogami!

Enquiring about the memories on the 7th Anniversary

In commemoration of the 7th anniversary, we printed Mikuma and Mogami on the front cover, and interviewed Miss Nakajima Megumi and Miss Suzaki Aya! We asked them about their memories, first impressions of Mikuma and Mogami, as well as how they felt about the performance in a Q&A style.

Nakajima Megumi

Born 5th of July. From Ibaraki Prefecture.
Had her voice acting debut as Ranka Lee in Macross F, and done many other performances in various works since then.
She's the voice actor behind Kinugasa, Mikuma, I-58, I-168 and Hatsuzuki in KanColle.

Q1: We're printing Mikuma and Mogami on the front cover of the KanColle 7th Anniversary Special Edition of the weekly publication of Famitsu Magazine. What do you think?

A1: I'm very happy about it being on the front cover! What kind of illustration will it be? I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person!

Q2: What is your first impression of Mikuma?

A2: When I first saw the illustration for Mikuma, I got the impression that she was a calm, composed and sweet character. However, upon reading her lines and seeing «Kumarinko» jumping out at me... It really took me by surprise! *laughs*. Now it's one of my favourite lines.

Q3: When you voice acted for Mikuma, what points did you mainly focus on?

A3: I feel that I had to give importance to the side of Mikuma that is a girl that waits quietly, has a calm feel to her and acts dignified, while at the same time would say «kumarinko» in a mild-mannered yet confident manner. I acted while thinking it would be nice if there was a slight gap.

Q4: Including Mikuma, you've done the voice acting for 5 ships. What was something you really had to focusing on in order to act differently between the 5 ships?

A4: Even in the casual voice lines, I feel like there is a story and a background waiting in the individual shipgirls, so I felt like I had to put importance on each line, always.

Q5: Of the shipgirls you've voice acted for, which one left the biggest impression?

A5: All of them left an impression, but of the ones I have gotten to voice act for, the one that surprised me most was Hatsuzuki. She is the one type of character I have had the least chances to act as so far. I distinctly remember desperately struggling and trembling excitedly when recording her lines.

Q6: In relation to KanColle, what is the event or instance that left the deepest impression?

A6: Just choosing one is difficult! I have plenty of memories, but I can't forget the feeling when I could go to the Zuiun festival with everyone. I got excited when I got to lead in the Zuiun Ondo we held outside. That, as well as the corner we had where we made sandwiches is for some reason the the moments that have left the deepest impression.... *laughs*

Q7: A celebratory comment for the 7th anniversary, and a word of inspiration for the 8th year please!

A7: Congratulations with the 7th anniversary! To all the admirals, thank you! Not to mention the game, but there has been a lot of (IRL) events as well. It's made for seven years full of memories. I hope that all the admirals will continue to enjoy the KanColle world to its fullest for the 8th year, as well as many years later! And I want to wear Mikuma's clothes again!


Translation provided by Mrhawk76 a.k.a. Mistermixmaster and Huggykaze