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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine July 2017

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Comptiq's July 2017 Interview with Tanaka

The following interview comes from within the Comptiq Magazine's May issue which was released on June 10th, 2017.

Within the article, the Chief in Editor has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka regarding upcoming content about KanColle in terms of in game and collaborations. In the Interview Tanaka touches on information regarding the Rainy Seasons content, along with new information regarding upcoming plans suchs as UI changes, Yura Kai Ni, a Carrier remodel, and information regarding the Zuiun Festival.

Latest Info from the KanColle HQ Naval District

A KanColle Jet and a 1/1 scale life-sized Zuiun too!

T-ko (Interviewer, I): Thanks for the hard work! Comptiq's back this month! But man is it hot!

Tanaka (T): Feels like summer even before the rainy season started... want some iced coffee?

I: Oh no, don't worry bout me! But I'll take it! Anyway, the KanColle Jet really is flying through the skies, isn't it!?

T: It really is! Seeing Peach Enterprise's KanColle Passenger Jet, the Airbus A320, for real - the size and reality of it all really takes your breath away. For Fubuki and CarDiv2's Hiryuu and Souryuu to really be taking off through the air, and to see the KanColle logo shining in white on the livery... it made me very grateful and brought me some happiness.

I: The Cabin Attendant mode's cute too! Speaking of modes, it's about time for the Rainy Season, right? Will there be Rainy Season seasonals this year as well?

T: Right, well, the ones from past years will be there, of course... this rainy season, one of the new shipgirls Kamoi, plus one of the special type destroyers launched on the planned day of the next update, June 6 Sazanami, have rainy season seasonals in the works. After that, we have a big push for yukata seasonals planned starting this summer - it might be swimsuit season, but we hope to have a Naval Base Festival atmosphere as well. It's normally paired with Saury in the fall, but we'll be a little fast this year!

We got fresh updates on this year's Kai Ni remodels!

I: Speaking of fast, the kai ni remodels sure are coming in fast this year!

T: Continuing off the first Nagato-class battleship Nagato's Kai Ni, which we've had lined up for a while, the update next maintenance will include both the aircraft cruiser Kumano Kai Ni and the further remodeled Suzuya Kai-class carrier Kumano Carrier Kai Ni. And we're also preparing for light cruiser Yura Kai Ni and another remodel for a fleet carrier during midsummer.

I: How industrious! Looking forward to it!

T: This is a little less exciting, but we also plan to focus on improving the UI this year, and updates are coming bit by bit. Next update won't be flashy, but the work continues.

I: Coastal defense ships are finally here, aren't they? Is Etorofu's artist new to the franchise?

T: Nope, we assigned the Etorofu class to the main artist in charge of the furniture in the admirals' naval base offices.

I: Ah, the furniture artist! She's been there for us this whole time.

T: We've had drew, Fujikawa, and Akira do furniture too, but recently Yuzu has mainly been the one doing the wall scrolls.

I: Hohoh, that so? The office furniture is super tasteful. I kinda want a new cabinet. Ah, right, I went to see it! The 1/1 scale!

T: You mean the 1/1 scale life-sized Zuiun plan? Thank you very much.

The Naval District Zuiun Festival begins

I: You said you planned to finish it before the summer, how'd it go?

T: It's at the foot of Mount Fuji...

I: Hmmm.

T: You've heard of Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, right?

I: Yeah. A collab?

T: We'll be doing it there. A Naval District Zuiun Festival in Fuji-Q Highland Anchorage. A huge, life-sized Zuiun will be open to visitors. We also plan on an exhilarating Zuiun-themed thrill ride, Tentekomai, a Kanmusu Ondo dance around the Zuiun, etc. There will be special Zuiun merch as well.

I: Wha?

T: There'll be a Fuji-Q Highland stamp campaign as well! The Fujikyu Railway will also be KanColle-themed...

I: Huh? No way!

T: Yep. We're working away at this day and night. We plan for going from the latter half of June all the way through July. We're just as pumped on our end, port and starboard!

I: Powering through a lot, huh? There's the orchestra tour and then the Naval Review in the fall too. Please do your best, but don't overwork yourselves! I'll be seeing Zuiun this June at Fuji!

(Late May 2017, KanColle Management District)

Translation Provided by /A/nonymous, reviewed by Mikado