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Moriyama Yurika Interview: Famitsu Weekly May 28th, 2020

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Admiral voice actor talk!
The Second Strike, Moriyama Yurika

Secondly, we have Moriyama Yurika, who have been an admiral since before they started voice acting for KanColle. They were kind enough to talk about their beloved Haruna and the shipgirls they voiced.

Moriyama Yurika

Born 11th November. From Mie Prefecture.
Has appeared in the likes of the TV Anime “Aikatsu Friends!
She has the voice of L.d.S.D.d.Abruzzi, Grecale, De Ruyter and Hirato in KanColle.

Q1: As a voice actor, as well as an admiral, thank you for your hard work! Miss Moriyama, could we please get a short introduction of the shipgirls you have voiced?

A1: Grecale is a tiny devil, the second of the Maestrale class destroyers. Contrary to expectations, she's not precocious, and seems more like the type to sulk if she doesn't receive attention from the admiral... But on the other hand, it's an age appropriate aspect, which makes her seem cute!
L.d.S.D.d.Abruzzi is Luigi di Savoia Duca Degli Abruzzi... a shipgirl that has a characteristic very long name! She's a steady Italian big sister light cruiser that loves her little sister. Because she has experience as an actress, she has this elegant and graceful aura, but the truth is that she is a little bit of a bad drunk, and I find that type of personality gap charming!
Hirato-chan is a small, cute looking coastal defense ship. She's very quiet, small bodied, reserved character that always appears to do her best, giving her an admirable and dreamlike feel. However, somewhere deep inside, there is an unusually big fighting spirit asleep!
Lastly, De Ruyter with her «I see, I see!» stock phrase, is a meek, cute, Dutch light cruiser! She's able to come in contact with others directly. She's the friendly and sociable heroine! I personally want her as a friend! *laugh*

Q2: Since you started voice acting as shipgirls, what is the thing you've managed to do (in relation to KanColle) that left the biggest impression?

A2: Oh, there's plenty, but I still remember the moment I for the first time managed to get a shipgirl I had voice acted as, myself. Of the shipgirls I've been responsible for voice acting as, Abruzzi was the first one I got my hands on. The first time I deployed her, a shipgirl I myself had blown life into, next to my beloved Haruna I froze in front of the screen thinking «A day like this really exists!» *laughs*. Before entering the training school for voice actors, I always hoped that “when I become a voice actor, I really want a role in KanColle!”. I kept wishing for that, playing KanColle, researching my seniors voice actors' performances and going for auditions, day after day. I may even have sent my office manager a picture of the character I voice acted as and writing “Please look!! This is the character I performed the role as!!”, just to share my feelings with someone!
Afterwards, while my heart was pounding from excitement, the still newly arrived Abruzzi whiffed her shot against an enemy ship, and then when Haruna cleaned up I kept thinking things like “As expected!! Well done senpai!!” and falling in love all over again! *laughs*. I've received messages like “I see you're keeping at it with KanColle!” and similar at an increasing rate from a lot of people recently. Seeing those messages really makes me feel that I really did have a role in KanColle.
When I got called out to do more lines for Hirato and De Ruyter I was so happy I almost jumped from my seat! Thanks to KanColle, every day feels very fulfilling.

Q3. KanColle has now reached the 7 year anniversary, and is now charging into its 8th year. What are some of the things you did to celebrate or mark this special day? Also, what would you like to do in the future?

A3: Well, as is customary, I'll celebrate with cake and presents. I love surprises and such, but I'm bad at keeping secrets. Even if I want to surprise someone I keep fidgeting and thinking “I want to show it to them now! I hope they'll be happy!” so... *laughs*. Yeah, because of that I just decided to give up with that and celebrate in a more straightforward way!
As for the present, I made an unique accessory. For my sister's coming-of-age ceremony I made an earring out of Japanese paper. From a standpoint of of celebration, as an Admiral this might be a wild idea but, I love strawberries, so a handmade cake with lots of strawberries on top made by the shipgirls is something I would love to eat! I would love to be able to see “Admiral Moriyama will be happy with this!” kind of chit-chat from the shadows shile the shipgirls make the cake. And for the finish, Haruna handing over a present while fidgeting would be yet even better I think!

Q4: Moriyama, you've been a female Admiral from the start, furthermore, we know you've been a big fan of Haruna for a long time! Please let us know which 7 shipgirls you wish you could be friends with!

A4: Well, doing it from my own standpoint, and which characters I have emotional attachment to, if they were to enter in a kind of Hall of Fame... I'll make an exception for those shipgirls! I'll pick the ones that I naturally pick out for sorties a lot! *laughs*.
Haruna: Immovable! This is the unwavering #1! I fell in love with her visuals at first sight, and started playing KanColle. She was also the first battleship I got my hands on, that has be destiny *laughs*.
Inazuma: As well as being my starter ship, she is has a hard working, brave and cute!
Makigumo: She seems soothing! I would love to see her as she is running around, and listening to the pitter-patter of her steps!
Tama: I like her relaxed/laid back demeanor! I want to just feed her sweets *laughs*
Kongou: She always has a sunny disposition and is very lively, so it seems like one would be able to have a lot of fun with her!
Atago: She seems like she would give good and carefully given advice when you're worried!
Prinz Eugen: I want to go shopping and such together!

Q5: Since it's the 7th anniversary, please let us know your best 7 shipgirls that you feel like you can rely on the most!

A5: Kaga: I can't get enough of the “the I-can-do-it woman” personality. She seems like a person that would as a secretary promptly perform her duties!
Akagi: I think the way she can straight forward capture the enemy, makes her everyone's mental support!
Shigure: I'm always grateful for your help!
Kitakami: Thank you very much for always helping me!
Tone: I think she's always fighting in high and proud spirits, being an inspiration to others!
Isuzu: I love the way she destroys the enemy while she says “Everything is visible to Isuzu!”
Asashio: She's a person of firm character, always bringing the Destroyers together!

Q6: When we're talking about KanColle, we can't go without mentioning the C2 Agency (responsible for handling and managing events), and the events and similar they've held. What is your opinion on festivals you've joined, and what kind of festivals would you like to join in the future?

A6: On January 3rd I joined the Pacifico Yokohama New Year Live (C2 Agency's «Naval Base New Year Special Live! 2020») for the first time. It was my first time at a large scale event, and when I saw there was that many Admirals standing in front of me at such a big venue... I mean, it was my first time, so I was suuuuper nervous! My heart was racing in excitement already a week before the event.
My appearance at the event was a bit sudden, so I was very worried about how well received I would be. I was happy when I saw how warmly the Admirals greeted me with cheers. It was a great way to start the year for me! There's sure to be more festivals in the future as well I think, so I'm very excited for the coming event, and I mean that even as a fellow Admiral!
Also, in KanColle we have plenty of good food, like curry and saury. If we ever got a KanColle Food Big Meet event I would love to join that! I'll eat anything!! *laugh*

Q7: What kind of shipgirl would you like to voice act in the future?

A7: I would like to launch cool Carrier-based Aircraft, so a Carrier is something I would like to try one day. Submarines, with their sniper-like pre-emptive torpedo attacks are also very fascinating, but maybe a Battleship, a delicate girl with impressive and majestic rigging would be cool... Well, there's still a lot of ship types I'd like to try, so I can't pick just one! *laugh*

Q8: To wrap things up, do you have anything you would like to say to the readers of Famitsu or the other Admirals out there?

A8: I'm really happy that an Admiral like myself was able to become a voice actor and so nicely received as a voice actor for Kancolle during this prosperous 7th anniversary. Let's continue to enjoy KanColle 's breakthroughs together!


Translation provided by Mrhawk76 a.k.a. Mistermixmaster