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Kancolle Style Vol. 3/Tanibe Yumi Interview

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The Following interview was conducted in the Kancolle Style Vol.3 Mook featruring Tanibe Yumi.

Within this 6 page Article, Tanibe Yumi does an interview and talks about her actives regarding KanColle, her voice acting career, and other activities she partook in such as the Naval District Saury Festival in Yokohama,her participate in the Third KanColle Naval Review, her experience with Naval District Saury Festival mini event.

Her later portion of the interview discusses about how she decided on the voices for many of the characters within the game during the early course of production and ultimately how she went about doing the voice work for her recent kanmusu Commandant Teste.

She finally leads up to where she discusses about what future roles she would like to partake in, if given a chance to do more voice roles based on kanmusu.

Interview with Tanibe Yumi

Japanese English
Page 1

タニベ ユミ

加え、新艦Commandant Teste
も演じ タニベユミさん。10月末 に開催された「艦これ」鎮守府秋 刀魚祭りの感想や、サービスイン 当時から最新追加ボイスまで、演じ る上で心がけてきた点を伺った。
【Voice Actor Fleet】

Cast Interview
Tanibe Yumi

Tanibe Yumi lent her voice to, among others, light cruiser Yura, four ships of the Shiratsuyu-class as well as the new ship Commandant Teste.
We talked to her about her thoughts regarding the KanColle Naval Base Saury Festival that was held at the end of October, her endeavors as actress starting from the game's release until the addition of the latest voice lines, etc.
Page 2





――――秋刀魚も印象的でしたが、『艦娘音頭』にも驚きました。 おの振り付けは事前にかなり練習されたのでしょうか?




――――夏には「艦これ」観艦式もありました。第参回「艦これ」観艦式は2回目のご出演となりましたが 思い出深いことなどもありましたか?

The Saury Festival and the Kanmusu Ondo

-- First of all, great work at yesterday's KanColle Naval Base Saury Festival.It certainly was a peculiar event, don't you think?

Several Saury-related voice lines were added in the update right before the event, including one by Yura that says "I wish I could fry some saury...".
Who would have thought that Yura's wish would come true only two days later... KanColle is truly impressive.
And on top of that Yura even received her long-awaited Yukata Mode limited-time artwork, which made me very happy.

-- You had to roast saury on a spit and grate radish at the Naval Base Saury Festival, didn't you?

I was nervous, but I had fun preparing the food!
We ran a raffle that day to decide who gets to eat it, but it was impressive how cleanly everyone ate.
I thought it'd be like Saury Mode Tama's damaged artwork where she's holding the fish grates. *laughs*

-- The saury part was impressive, but the "Kanmusu Ondo" was also astonishing. You must have practiced the choreography a lot, haven't you?

To be honest, I ended up having to memorise it together with all the admirals out there.
So I really tried my best to do it on the spot.
During the second performance I took the liberty of singing along sneakily. *laughs*

-- And by the third time the admirals had it completely memorized. As expected, they're all high-leveled.
It might have also been thanks to our rather energetic teacher. I was having a great time because I could practice together with the admirals and share this sense of oneness with them.

-- There also was the KanColle Naval Review this summer. The Third KanColle Naval Review was your second stage appearance; do you have any fond memories you would like to share with us?

I was obviously nervous because it was such a large stage, but just like at the Naval Base Saury Festival the admirals there were all really kind.
I was trying my best so that everyone could have a great time, but for me it was more like that I was receiving strength from all their cheering.
During the Naval Base Saury Festival we had to peform on a scaffolding, so I felt even closer to the admirals.
That, and the audience reactions to Yamada Yūki's "Kirari~n!" or my "Po~i!" were really overwhelming.

Page 3














-- The Naval Base Saury Festival saw a lot of visitors after all.

When I was waving to the audience from the scaffolding I could see how not only they but also those that were lining up for salted saury or the fair were waving back, and I could feel how everyone was having a great time at the festival, which was a sight that left a strong impression on me.

-- Going back to how you were singing the "Kanmusu Ondo" in the middle of your performance, which character were you singing as?

The "Kanmusu Ondo is actually sung by all four Shiratsuyu-class girls. I feel that Shiratsuyu is the main vocalist here.
But all four are singing with maximum enthusiasm.

-- Which would explain why when you listen carefully you can actually hear all four singing throughout the whole song.

I made sure to express everyone's personality properly while singing. Among them Shigure usually is very calm and collected, but I had her do her best with interjections like "Yo-heave-ho". Murasame showed a bit of her seductive side... I think. *laughs*

-- Shigure certainly isn't someone you'd expect to sing in front of a crowd, is she?

About that, I'll have to leave the final judgement to the audience, but as far as I'm concerned I wanted to convey that Shigure is trying her hardest in her own way.
She's doing her best while keeping her cool, she's definitely not slacking off or anything! *laughs*

Tackling the Central Waters just for saury?!

-- The original browser game is currently (end of October) also in the middle of the Saury Festival. How is your saury fishing progress?

With those I got today I've caught all the saury I need.

-- Wait, you've already got 24 fish!?

I went to the Seas Near the Naval Base (i.e. 1-5) and the Alfonsinoes (i.e. 3-3) while letting the fishing grounds recover, but after getting 20 fish I couldn't find more sauries.
It occurred to me that I had to sail deeper into the ocean, so I set my eyes on the innermost area of the Central Waters, the KW Atoll (i.e. 6-5).
But then I remembered I hadn't yet cleared the boss gauge of the Central Northern Offshore Sea of Peacock Island (i.e. 6-4)...

-- You're not telling me you cleared the Central Waters just to fish saury, are you...?!

I am. Everything went relatively swimmingly, but when I got to the last part of the boss gauge I just couldn't beat the boss fleet, and after lots of trial and error I randomly thought "Shouldn't the fishing grounds have recovered by now?", so I went to 1-5 and, who would have thought, the sauries were back. *laughs*

Page 4

はい! ここは基地航空隊に頑張ってもらおうかと!






















-- Since you were tackling 6-4 I suppose that means you've also unlocked the Land-based Air Squadrons, right?

Yep! I figured I might as well use them there!

-- Oh, so you've cleared all the missions to establish the Land-based Air Squadrons. Then you've also cleared the Summer 2016 Event, I presume.

I somehow managed to clear it 10 hours before maintenance. *laughs*

-- The Summer Event came to an end and KanColle is going strong into its fourth year. Are there any memorable moments that stick out for you after playing until now?

One thing I especially remember is the Summer 2015 Event (Counterattack! The Second Operation SN).
For E-7, the last map, I needed 81 runs to chip down the boss gauge, and finally cleared it on the 97th run......
I still have a note from back then that says "Red destroyers are scary".

-- By those notes I'm assuming you mean those you use in case of ship locking to work out the fleet compositions for each map in advance, right?

Pretty much. I'd like to sortie this girl to this map, then ask other admirals what they think, then reconsider my decision, that sort of thing. That's why I've been leveling my fleet evenly, to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

-- Which ship girl in your fleet do you rely on the most?

That depends on the map, but lately it's been Abukuma.
She can do opening torpedo strikes even though she's a light cruiser and is performing well even in combined fleets, so she leveled up almost instantly.

-- So, which of your ship girls has the highest level?

After our tentative wedding it's currently Murasame at Lv.131.
Also, Anti Air Cut-Ins are usually a job for the Akizuki-class, but at my place Shiratsuyu is responsible for that.
Whenever I sortie the Shiratsuyu-class girls and have several of them equipped with anti-air armament for some reason it's always Shiratsuyu that triggers it.
Which is why at my naval base Shiratsuyu is the anti-air boss!

-- Of course it has to be our Number #1. *laughs*

Melding a ship's appearance and her historical background

-- Moving on, while I do realize it has been a while ever since then, what were the very first voice line recordings like that you had to do for your ship girl roles?

The first one was Shiratsuyu, followed by Yura. Shigure was the only one with hourly lines, and I think those were recorded pretty early.

-- It sure has been quite a while since the majority was recorded before the game's actual release.

Now I know what each girl would say when and how, but when the lines were first recorded the game was still in development, so I voiced them with my previous roles in mind.

-- Voicing several characters at once is a rare case in my opinion.

It was a first for me, so I tried to give each character her own charming spin.

-- Could you tell us more about how you accomplished that for your roles?

Back then I had just started to look up each ship's history and was really overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of stories related to them. I really cherished these moments when I figured out that a line refers to a certain event. Among them Shiratsuyu's lively artwork left quite the impression on me, so I've always imagined her as full of spirit all day every day. When I found out about Shigure's history I imagined her as someone who keeps a lot to herself while fighting, and Murasame was pretty similar to a certain senior character of another work I liked back then, so I get the feeling that my acting expanded from there.

-- And of course Yuudachi, who is playing a large role in the anime.

For Yuudachi I could say I was acting as myself when I was around 18 years; I don't know how to put it, she's quite lively, but not quite like Shiratsuyu.

-- So she's a different kind of lively?
Page 5


全部です! と言いたいところですが、村雨のあの雰囲気が大好きなので、ぜひ村雨のセリフを聞いていただけるとうれしいですね。










――――楽しみにさせていただきます! そして、クラシックスタイルオーケストラや、鎮守府秋刀魚祭りのように、さまざまな形のイベントが展開されている「艦これ」ですが、今度こんなイベントなどを見てみたいという希望はありますか?







キス島沖(通称3-2)や、期間限定海域で序盤の強硬偵察は任せて! みたいな。
あ、ホントは艦載機もいつかとばしてみたいなーとか、いろいろ夢は広げていたのですが、 今秋ついに水上機母艦の新艦娘を担当させていただきました!
I suppose. Shiratsuyu is always trying to be number #1 at full throttle, while Yūdachi's liveliness has a certain simple-mindedness to it, like her "Poi?" gives off this carefree impression.

-- And so the Shiratsuyu-class has received various voice lines. Do you have any favorites among them?

I'd like to say "All of them!", but I love the vibes Murasame gives off, so I'd be glad if you listened to her voice lines. Lately Shiratsuyu's autumn festival lines started to grow to me as well. Hearing these mellow voice lines from the usually vivid and vigorous Shiratsuyu shows you a different side of hers, so please give them a try.

-- Do you have any favourites apart from seasonal lines?

I really love Shiratsuyu's & Murasame's post-marriage idle voice lines. I think they show you a different side of them you cannot experience if you spend time with them normally.

-- So only certain people get to hear them. Now that has caught my interest!

There's also Shigure's encyclopedia voice lines. They have received a lot of feedback. The more you know about her historical background, there more you realise how deep her character is. Expressing this depth in its entirety is impossible, but I put all my heart and soul into getting at least some of it across. I think these voice lines are a once-in-a-lifetime performance I could do only back then.

KanColle keeps expanding Looking foward to future festivals!

-- So the Shiratsuyu-class has been playing a large role not just in the original browser game, but also in the anime. Has there been anything regarding your performance you had to change or pay attention to when transitioning from game to anime?

When Yuudachi underwent her second remodelling in episode 9 of the anime I got the impression that even if it was just a little bit she had become more like a big sister. However, I kept in mind that even though she might be different to how she used be, she's still our good ol' Yuudachi. I wanted to express this delicate nuance of how she's now showing a side she kept for herself until then without changing the essence that makes her her.

-- Speaking of whom, I think Yūdachi played a pretty important role in the film. Any highlights or, as Murasame would put it, special little something of hers you would like to share with us?

You'll be able to see a new face of hers you've never seen before, neither in the game nor in the anime! ......maybe, so you should go watch the film right now!

-- Well, I'm certainly looking forward to it! And after so many different KanColle events such as classic orchestras or the Naval Base Saury Festival, what kind of event would you like to see happen in the future?

Now that it's come to this I sure do want to see more festivals. Something like the Oktoberfest would be nice! Wearing a dirndl and such. *laughs* Eating lots of delicious food together with everyone, trying out those ship girl drums we had at the Naval Base Saury Festival and even the KanColle Spring Festival, and also going to the fair to try those shooting galleries!

-- I see we've already found our first regular. *laughs* Well then, what kind of event would you like to see in the game?

I'm not exactly good at stockpiling resources, so what about an event where stockpiling itself is the goal?

-- If they made an event where the objective is to gather resources, wouldn't that just lead to all naval bases stockpiling? Resources already have a predetermined purpose after all...

Not a good idea then. *laughs* But something like the Saury Festival where you had to can saury that you can keep for later was nice, wasn't it? Sortieing with canned saury and rice balls felt a bit like just going out.

-- Moving on, let's say you made a fleet consisting of the ship girls you voiced. If you had to add one new ship girl, what should she be like?

That's a difficult question...... So far I've voiced one light cruiser, four destroyers, basically those torpedo squadron types, so I was secretly hoping for one that can do opening torpedo strikes...... You know, a girl I can rely on for Kis Island (i.e. 3-2) or solid recon work during the first part of an event, something like that. Ah, I have many dreams, like I'd also love someone with whom I can launch carrier planes, and this autumn I finally had the chance to voice a new seaplane tender ship girl!

Page 6
――――あの、Commandant Testeですか!







-- Oh, you mean Commandant Teste!

Yes. When I was first told about this I saw myself in quite the pickle, so I started reading French course books and listening to the language like my life depended on it, which was really tough, but I managed somehow.
This was of course my first time dealing with the French language, so it wasn't easy at all.
However, thanks to all this my dream of launching planes has finally come true! Well, seaplanes, but still! She can even carry Zuiun!

-- By the way, If you were to voice a new ship girl, what kind of personality would you like them to have?

There are currently many girls that are all honest and nice, so trying a girl like Akebono or Maya, who just refuse to be honest with themselves or have a bit of sharp tongue, seems like fun.
I wouldn't mind saying something like "You shitty admiral" with lots of love.

-- And to finish this off, is there anything you would like to tell all the admirals out there who've been playing KanColle?

It's all thanks to you admirals who keep playing that I've been able to voice Yura, Shiratsuyu, Murasame, Shigure and Yuudachi for so long. I find it fun how KanColle creates various different playstyles. There are people who want to clear the hard maps, but also those who want to catch them all or just want to level their favourite girls, so even though it's the same game you can play it your own way, don't you think? However, even when your playstyles differ, when you come together as KanColle fans you can still get hyped and have a great time.

-- In-game or not, there are many ways to enjoy it out there.

I do voice work for some ship girls, but I enjoy KanColle as an admiral, too. I even went beyond the limits of the game and roasted saury in real life. To all the admirals out there with whom I was able to share this fun experience, thank you, thank you so much.

Special Thanks for Admiral_Mikado for the translation of the article.

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