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Iori Nomizu Interview: Comptiq Magazine February 2018

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Iori Nomizu dressed up in her New Year's Furisode Kimono

The following interview was conducted in the Comptiq Magazine February 2018 edition (released on January 10th, 2018) in which seiyuu Iroi Nomizu discusses her involvement with KanColle.

In this 3 page article, Iori Nomizu talks about her attachment to the KanColle characters she has voiced, along with her invovlement with Kancolle thought it's production, and through live events back in 2017. Then follows up with what she expects to be looking forward into the year of 2018.

In addition, she talks briefly about her expectations of the Phase 2.

Iori Nomizu Interview

Her feelings for her Kanmusu are so strong she drew them herself!?

Japanese English
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-For this New Year's project, the dress was kimono. How did you find the photo shoot?

Nomizu: I haven't worn kimono since my coming of age ceremony and totally forgot what it felt like to wear one. It doesn't look like it, but when you try it on you realize just how heavy the thing is - that's when I remembered thinking the same thing back then too. I wore a black kimono for my coming of age ceremony, but this time I got to pick from all these extravagant colored patterns, which was lots of fun. They let me see a lot of patterns to find what would fit with the obi and such, so by the end I ended up pretty worried about what exactly to wear. Even minor details like changing the obidome from orange to red totally changes the atmosphere; I managed to discover a lot.

-Now then, let's look back on KanColle in 2017. Firstly, Nomizu-san performed on KanColle Arcade's stage at the Japan Amusement Expo in February.

Nomizu: They had me demo the game in front of everyone back then, which got me pretty nervous. You can see a lot of the shipgirls' movements in KanColle Arcade, so it's a different sort of fun from the browser version and gets people all excited to take a look. I used Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Kinu, and Abukuma - it was refreshing seeing all their movements.

-Following that, Nomizu-san performed as a guest at the KanColle Orchestra Concert in Taiwan. How'd you think about the Taiwanese admirals' response to the concert?

Nomizu: I served as the concert hall announcer using Shoukaku's voice, which got a huge response that left me thinking, "Taiwan's admirals are pretty passionate, huh?" Afterward, even though I greeted them in Japanese, I got this huge "Uwahh!" from the crowd, which made me really happy. They let me enjoy the orchestra playing from just off stage and dance "Kanmusu Ondo" as a backup dancer to their live performance - it was a really valuable experience for me. Not only being a live performance but also getting to be the backup dancer - these aren't opportunities you get very often! Not to mention getting to do all that in Taiwan. That left me with very good memories. I think we also got to show the Taiwanese people a little bit of Japanese culture.

-In June and July, you also performed in the "KanColle Naval District Zuiun Festival in Fuji-Q Highland Anchorage" in Fuji-Q Highland.

Nomizu: In the "Naval Review" and other prior live KanColle Events, I'd say you thought of yourself as the shipgirls standing on stage, but at the "Zuiun Festival" I felt I stood there as the seiyuu Nomizu Iori. It was a really fresh feeling. Competing in drawing contests, dancing the "Kanmusu Ondo" around the 1/1 scale Zuiun - there was a lot of fun to be had, wasn't there? Getting excited along with the admirals was a very enjoyable time.

-As for the drawing contest, you lead your team to victory with your drawing of "Zuikaku, unable to equip Zuiun, feeling down", right?

Nomizu: It's not like I'm particularly good at drawing, but I'm not particularly awful either. I'm sorta halfway, so I figured the reactions by everyone there would get me in hot water. (laugh) But the reaction sorta seemed like, "Better than average, huh?" The admirals sure are nice, I thought. My impression is that overall it was a very warm atmosphere during the event.

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野水:会場に来た提督さんたちはそれぞれ、〝これが自分なりの「艦これ」だ″みたいなイメージをお持ちじゃないですか。そういったものを壊したくないなと思っていたので、すごく悩みながら、手をくるっと回して敬礼とか「艦これ」っぽい動作を取り入れるようにしました。当日は提督さんに楽しんでいただけたみたいで、うれしかったです。振付のポイントは、「提督さんと一緒にゆるっと踊れる」ものにしようと。曲のなかで「La La La La La~」って繰り返す部分は、観客席にいる皆さんにも簡単にできるよう、手だけの動作にしました。逆に他の部分はけっこう細かい振りを付けて、メリハリを利かせました。



-I still remember vividly how in the last issue (January 2018), you provided us with a wonderful illustration of Kinu and Abukuma.

Nomizu: I got so happy when I heard that Kinu and Abukuma were getting a cover illustration for the occasion that I wanted to draw them myself...! I got responses like, "It's even better than before", so it was worth the effort. Back then, I actually took it upon myself to do it digitally instead of on paper, so I took the rough draft on paper and carefully split it up into a line layer, a colored layer, etc. as I drew. I wasn't used to this kinda work, so I mixed up layers and made lots of amateur mistakes, but I somehow managed to pull it off. (laugh)

High expectations for KanColle in 2018!

-The "Fourth KanColle Naval Review" was the largest one to date. How was performing at the Naval Review?

Nomizu: When I saw the venue, I thought, "There are moving floats!?" and "An island! There's stages scattered around like remote islands!". One thing after another impressed me. It was a huge venue, so I was worried if the guests sitting in the back could see the stage at first, but with the floats we could get driven near them - it was a really new experience. My best memory from back then was during the night performance, where I wore an Abukuma Kai Ni costume and served as backup dancer for Yuubari's character song, "Tameshitemitemo?" I was actually the one put in charge of the choreography for "Tameshitemitemo?" you know. Getting to watch from behind as a dancer made me happy.

-Ah, that's right. Would you please tell us about your memories and some of the motivation behind the choreography at that time?

Nomizu: I thought each of the admirals who had come to see us had their own, "this is my take on KanColle", right? I felt I didn't want to break those kind of images, so I was quite worried. I ended up quietly incorporating salutes and other motions that seemed KanColle-like. When the day came and the admirals enjoyed it, I was really glad. One of the motivations behind the choreography was to make sure admirals could steadily dance along. For the part of the song that repeats, "La La La La La~", only hand motions were used so that everyone in the stands could follow along easily. On the other hand, other parts of the song featured quite detailed movements to add some variation and liven things up.

-Then in December, Shoukaku]'s Christmas seasonal was unveiled. What was your first impression upon seeing that illustration?

Nomizu: "So cute! So captivating! I can't help it!" (laugh) Abukuma, Kinu, and Zuikaku look great in western clothes, but Shoukaku is sort of a "Japanese beauty", so it was hard to imagine how it would turn out if she wore something other than Japanese clothing, right? When I saw the actual illustration, it was super-cute and the pose was captivating - really enticing. Abukuma and Kinu also got Christmas versions on the cover of Comptiq-san, so winter 2017 was really packed with my shipgirls' charm. Thanks for the meal!

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野水:2017年は、フィギュアや実際に着られるジャージなど「速吸」のグッズをたくさん出していただけたことがうれしかったです。2018年にも、瑞雲modeの「速吸」ジャージや「ねんどろいど 阿武隈改二」など、私が演じている艦娘の関連グッズがたくさん出ると聞いているので、とても楽しみです。「ねんどろいど 阿武隈改二」は試作品を見せていただいたんですけど、彼女の表現が豊富ですごかったですね。着水しているエフェクトとか、台座パーッもいっぱいあって、最近の「ねんどろいど」ってこんなに進化していたのかと驚かされました。







-Other than that, what other events in KanColle during 2017 left an impression on you?

Nomizu: In 2017, I was happy to see Hayasui's figure, real-life jersey, and loads of other goods. I hear in 2018 many other goods related to my shipgirls like a Zuiun seasonal Hayasui jersey and Abukuma Kai Ni Nendoroid will be coming out, so I'm really looking forward to that. I got to see the prototype for theAbukuma Kai Ni Nendoroid, and her range of expression was incredible. It comes with loads of posing stands and splashing and other effects - I was surprised by just how far Nendoroids have advanced recently.

-The second half of the Battle of Leyte Gulf is planned for this winter event. Historically, it was in those fateful waters of Leyte that Zuikaku sank, so you expect Zuikaku to play a significant role, right?

Nomizu: Part of the lyrics of Shoukaku and Zuikaku's character song "Two Cranes" envisages the scene of Shoukaku and Zuikaku sinking.[1] I've been thinking of "Leyte" ever since I sang that song. I have no idea how the event will turn out, but admirals, please take Shoukaku along and change those girls' destinies.

-In 2018, KanColle plans to enter "Phase 2". What do you hope will come to KanColle in 2018?

Nomizu: As of now, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Phase 2 will turn out to be like. For me, I'd be satisfied with Zuikaku and Shoukaku getting swimsuit seasonals, totally! (laugh) And for me, I'd be totally OK with another Naval District Zuiun Festival! Personally, I think I want more festival-like events where I get to get excited with the admirals to be held. I'd like to continue having fun with the admirals in 2018!

-Greet the admirals for the new year, if you please!

Nomizu: Happy New Year. I'm really happy to be able to usher in another new year with the admirals. I think a lot of fun is waiting for us in 2018, both in and outside the game itself. I'll strive not to let the admirals best me in excitement for KanColle, so please continue to support us this year!


  1. Perhaps Iori's reffering to the the lines speaking of the summer of partings and fall of endings