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KanColle Phase 2

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Phase 2 of KanColle also known as the "HTML 5 Era of KanColle" was launched on August 17th, 2018. Not much is known regarding what will happen during this phase other than KanColle will be migrating all of it's content from Flash to HTML 5.

The reason the transfer came is due to the fact that it was announced that flash was due to be wiped out across all browsing networks by around 2020. In turn KanColle made an announcement at the 4th KanColle Naval Review that they would be transferring to HTML 5 by April of 2018.

All ships, equipment, and other content is scheduled to all be transferred as well so players can continue to play KanColle after the HTML5 transfer.

Along with the transfer, the introduction of the long awaited Friend Fleet System is expected to arrive as well. More details is to come as we get close to Phase 2's release.