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World 7/7-5

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World 7-5:【Extra Operation】 ジャワ島沖 Off Java Island

World 7 7-5 Map.png
Strategy Name
スラバヤ沖海戦・バタビア沖海戦 (Battle of Surabaya and Battle of Batavia)
Strategy Content
Land an attack force on the Eastern Java Island! Off Surabaya, defeat an enemy interception force with your strong fleet. Chase and annihilate enemy survivors!
Phase 1
Fleet 3-4CL(T), 2-3DD
1(F)BB(V), 0-1CA(V), 1-2CL(T), 3-4DD
Route A B D F G H K
Other Notes
0 0 0
Phase 2
Fleet 1BBV, 1CAV 1CL, 3DD
Route A B D F J O Q
Other Notes Installation
0 0 0
Phase 3
Fleet 1(F)BB(V)/CVL, 1CA(V), 1CL, 3DD
Route A B D F J O P T
Other Notes
0 0 0

Map Unlocking

7-5 is unlocked after clearing 7-4 HP bar once.

Stage Guide

7-5 Branching Rules
Nodes Rules
  • Does not meet the requirements to go to D
  • Meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Amount of CA(V) ≤ 2
    • Amount of CL ≥ 1
    • Amount of DD ≥ 2
      • If (F)BB(V) ≥ 2, then amount of DD ≥ 3
      • If CV(B) ≥ 1, then amount of DD ≥ 3
      • If CVL ≥ 2, then amount of DD ≥ 3
  • Otherwise, fleet is Fast+
  • Does not meet the requirements to go to F
  • Meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Amount of (F)BB(V) + CV(B) + CA(V) ≤ 2
    • Amount of CV(B/L) ≤ 2
    • Amount of CL + DD ≥ 3
      • If (F)BB(V) = 2, then amount of CL + DD ≥ 4
      • If fleet is Fast+, then amount of CL + DD ≥ 1 (?)
  • Otherwise, fleet is Fastest
  • Active Branching
  • Active Branching
  • Fail the LoS check
  • Pass the LoS check (Cn4 ≥ 57(?))
  • Does not meet the requirements to go to O
  • Meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Amount of CV = 0
    • Amount of CVL ≤ 1
    • Amount of (F)BB(V) + CA(V) ≤ 2
    • For Slow fleet:
      • If (F)BB(V) ≥ 1, then amount of DD ≥ 3
      • If CLT ≥ 1, then amount of DD ≥ 3
      • If CL ≥ 2, then amount of DD ≥ 3
  • Otherwise, fleet is Fast+
  • Active Branching
  • Does not meet the requirements to go to T
  • Pass the LoS check (Cn4 ≥ 63(?))
  • Fail the LoS check
  • Meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Amount of CV = 0
    • Amount of (F)BB(V) + CVL ≤ 1
    • Amount of (F)BB(V) + CA(V) ≤ 2
    • Amount of CL ≥ 1
    • Pass the LoS check (Cn4 ≥ 58(?))
  • Otherwise, fleet is Fastest

Ship Bonuses

DISCLAIMER: This information is based on user-submitted data and is subject to revisions as more data is gathered. Any version of the ship receives the bonus regardless of remodel.

Ships [1][2] Nodes B, C, D, E, J Nodes G, K, L, M Node Q Nodes N, R, T
Ship Banner Ryuujou Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Chitose Kou Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Myoukou Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Nachi Kai Ni.png 1.08x 1.13x 1.14x -
Ship Banner Ashigara Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Haguro Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Jintsuu Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Naka Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner De Ruyter Kai.png Ship Banner Matsukaze Kai.png Ship Banner Akebono Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Sazanami Kai.png
Ship Banner Ushio Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Ikazuchi Kai.png Ship Banner Inazuma Kai.png Ship Banner Murasame Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Yuudachi Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Harusame Kai.png Ship Banner Samidare Kai.png Ship Banner Yamakaze Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Kawakaze Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Asagumo Kai.png Ship Banner Minegumo Kai.png Ship Banner Hatsukaze Kai.png
Ship Banner Yukikaze Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Amatsukaze Kai.png Ship Banner Tokitsukaze Kai.png Ship Banner Mizuho Kai.png
Ship Banner Houston Kai.png Ship Banner Perth Kai.png 1.1448x1.08 * 1.06 1.13x 1.14x 1.15x
Ship Banner Mogami Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Mikuma Kai.png Ship Banner Natori Kai.png Ship Banner Yura Kai Ni.png 1.06x - - 1.15x
Ship Banner Asakaze Kai.png Ship Banner Harukaze Kai.png Ship Banner Hatakaze Kai.png Ship Banner Satsuki Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Minazuki Kai.png Ship Banner Fumizuki Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Nagatsuki Kai.png Ship Banner Fubuki Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Shirayuki Kai.png Ship Banner Hatsuyuki Kai.png Ship Banner Murakumo Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Shikinami Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Akatsuki Kai Ni.png Ship Banner Verniy.png Ship Banner Shinshuu Maru Kai.png Ship Banner Akitsu Maru Kai.png


Be advised: The Developers have mentioned that the enemy compositions and map may change over time [3], this could include the resource node possibly. So take advantage of the map while it is possible.

7-5 is a multiphase map with the following HP gauges:

  • The 1st boss requires 2 kills to clear
  • The 2nd boss requires 3 kills to clear
  • The 3rd boss requires 3 kills to clear
  • Clearing this map rewards 170 Ranking points and a Medal.

Recommended Fleets

In every phase:

  • Bringing AACI is recommended.
  • Bringing OASW is advised if not too detrimental to surface combat effectiveness.
  • Bringing historical ships is recommended.

Phase 1

  • 3-4CL(T) 2-3DD
  • 1(F)BB(V) 0-1CA(V) 1-2CL(T) 3-4DD
  • Route = A B D F G H K
    • Shortest route to the boss

Gimmick Phase

In addition to clearing Phase 2, Node M must be S ranked to unlock Phase 3. This step can be done at any point, right after clearing Phase 1. As it can use the same fleet as Phase 1, it is more convenient to do it after clearing Phase 1.

Phase 2

  • 1BBV 1CAV 1CL 3DD
  • Route = A B D F J O Q
    • Shortest route to the boss,
    • The boss is an "Installation" and requires appropriate gears to be defeated,
    • The boss fleet includes one or two PT Imp Packs, requiring appropriate gears to be defeated (these can be ignored if an S-rank is unnecessary):
Anti-PT ImpPT Imp Pack
Unlike most standard Abyssals, PT Imp PacksPT Imp Pack are very small and fast.
  • All ship types suffer a severe Accuracy accuracy and Firepower firepower penalty against PT Imp.
  • Attacking them with larger guns is not very effective, smaller guns being recommended instead.
Attack formula against PT Imps
The Attack formula against PT Imps:[1][2]
Jet Assault & Airstrike
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Damage}_\text{PT}= \text{Atk}_\text{post-cap} \times \text{Rand} [0.5 ; 0.8] }[/math]

  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Damage}_\text{PT}= ( 0.3 \times \text{Atk}_\text{post-cap} + \sqrt{\text{Atk}_\text{post-cap}} + 10 ) \times \prod^{All Equipment}{\text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAtk}} }[/math]

Opening & Closing Torpedo Salvos
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Damage}_\text{PT}= 0.3 \times \text{Atk}_\text{post-cap} + \sqrt{\text{Atk}_\text{post-cap}} + 10 }[/math]

Night Battle
  • Night Battle data are unclear yet.

  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Atk}_\text{post-cap} }[/math] the post cap attack power defined here,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAtk} }[/math] the bonuses given by equipment, described below.
Accuracy formula against PT Imps
The Accuracy formula against PT Imps:[3][4][5][6]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Hit Rate}_\text{vs.PT} \text{%} = \Big\lfloor \big\lfloor \lfloor \text{Acc}_\text{Standard} + \text{Mod}_\text{Amagiri} \rfloor \times \text{Mod}_\text{Formation} \times \text{Mod}_\text{Morale} \times \text{Mod}_\text{PT} + \text{Mod}_\text{Add} \big\rfloor \times \text{Mod}_\text{Vanguard} \times \text{Mod}_\text{Ship} \times ( \prod^{All Equipment}{\text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAcc}} ) \times \text{Mod}_\text{Night} \Big\rfloor - \text{EVA}_\text{PT} + 1 }[/math]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Acc}_\text{Standard} }[/math] the standard accuracy described here
    • PT Imps are "DDs" in the game, so the [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{formation} }[/math] for vanguard is 1.1 during shelling, and 1.2 during the torpedo phase.
    • Historical accuracy bonuses during Events are included in the Standard Accuracy Term, i.e. it is affected by the [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{PT} }[/math] modifier.
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{EVA}_\text{PT} }[/math] the PT estimated evasion Evasion described bellow,
PT Imp stats
Type Luck Luck Eva Evasion [math]\displaystyle{ \text{EVA}_\text{PT} }[/math]
Line AheadLineAhead.png EchelonEchelon.png Line AbreastLineAbreast.png
PT Imp PackPT Imp Pack ? ? 81? 87? ?
PT Imp Pack IIPT Imp Pack II 60 220 80 87 85
PT Imp Pack IIIPT Imp Pack III 60 250 82 89 88
PT Imp Pack IVPT Imp Pack IV ? ? ? 84? ?

The main Accuracy modifiers are
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Amagiri} }[/math] being:
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Formation} }[/math] the Acc mod of each formation (see here),
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Morale} }[/math] the morale effects (see here)
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{PT} = }[/math] 0.420.35 x 1.2
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Add} = }[/math] 24(15+5) x 1.2,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Night} }[/math] being 0.7 during night battle, 1 during day battle.
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Vanguard} }[/math] being 1.2 when using the Vanguard FormationVanguard.png.[7]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Ship} }[/math] the bonus given by ship types, described below,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAcc} }[/math] the bonuses given by equipment, described below,

Amagiri Kai Ni/DAmagiri Kai Ni
Amagiri Kai Ni D
has the ability to prioritize focusing on attacking PT Imp with significantly increased accuracy if any are present.

  • Ships placed in the composition slots above and below her will gain a noticeable accuracy boost and will prioritize attacking PT Imp if any are present.

During Events, some special bonuses may be added, with "historical" ships and equipment gaining some accuracy bonuses[8].

Ship Type [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{Ship} }[/math]
DD & DE 1.0
CL, CLT, & CT 0.82
All other types 0.7
Equipment [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAcc} }[/math] [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{EquipmentAtk} }[/math]
1st equipped 2nd equipped 1st equipped 2nd equipped
Small Caliber Main GunSmall Caliber Main High-Angle GunSmall Small Caliber Main Guns[9] 1.3 1.15 1.5 2.11.5×1.4
Secondary GunSecondary High-Angle GunSec Secondary Guns 1.55 1 1.3
Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Guns 1.45 1.35 1.2 1.441.2×1.2
Lookout Skilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts
Torpedo Squadron Skilled Lookouts
1.75 1 1.1
Landing CraftArmed Soukoutei (Armored Boat Class)Soukoutei (Armored Boat Class) 1.45 1.3 1.2 ?
Armed DaihatsuArmed Daihatsu 1.45 1.3 1.2 ?
Seaplane BomberBomberSeaplane Fighter Seaplane Bombers & Seaplane Fighters 1.5 1 1.2
Dive BomberJetFighterBomber1.pngJetFighterBomber2.png Dive Bombers & JetsKikka Kai
Jet Keiun Kai
1.375 1.2 1.4 1.821.4×1.3
All other equipment 1 1
  • It is recommended to use anti-PT setups on DDs only, such setups compromising overall combat effectiveness.
  • Having a Reinforcement Expansion is important because it can save a ship slot by containing a machine gun or skilled lookouts.
  • Combining equipment is recommended to see significant boosts to accuracy.
  • Using other setups improving accuracy is also advisable:

Phase 3

  • 0-1(F)BB(V), 1-2CA(V), 1CL, 3DD
  • 1(F)BB(V), 1CA(V), 1CLT, 1CL, 2DD (FAST)
  • 1CVL, 1-2CA(V), 1-2CL, 2-3DD
    • 2CL in a slow fleet requires 3DD to route J -> O
  • Route = A B D F J O P T
    • Shortest route to the boss

  • 1-2(F)BB(V), 0-1CVL, 1CL, 3DD
  • Route = A B D F J O P R T
    • Allows an extra battleship or light carrier in exchange for an extra surface combat at node R.

  • There is a LoS check at P (Cn4 = 58?)
  • Using historical ships and/or high-damage night attacks is recommended as Batavia Princess has up to 244 armor in the Last Dance formation of the boss node.

SS and Carrier Exp farming

The 1st enemy node being an Air Node, it's possible to take advantage of how it works to level up any SS(V) as well as "carriers" risk-free.

  • All SS(V) won't take any damage on Node A, so any SS(V) fleet can level up risk-free on this node.
  • If possessing one or more 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher Kai Ni12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher Kai Ni, it is possible to take advantage of the AARB mechanic to also level up CV(L), BBV, CAV, and AV.
    • By equipping one RLK2 on carriers, passing a certain AA threshold, said carrier won't take any damage on the Air Node.
    • Having more than 1 RLK2 on the same ship decreases the AA threshold, making it possible to level up weaker carriers.
  • Once Node A cleared , retreat to the base and repeat.

Enemy Compositions

World 7/7-5/Enemy comps

Ship Drops

World 7/7-5/Ship drops