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Help:Media/Phase 2

To help retain my sanity when dealing with assets.

Item Assets

Item Assets
ID Item Name Card?Item Card [itemname].png
Asset used as map item drop, event reward, quest reward & choice quest option.
Icon?Item Icon [itemname].png
Asset used in inventory & map selection.
Full?Item Full [itemname].png
Asset used in choice quest confirmations & conversion quest animations.
- Provisional Resupply?PseudoItem
No ID, appears once as a reward.
Item Card Provisional Resupply.png 70px 80px
- Ranking Point Reward?PseudoItem
No ID, used on some repeating quests alongside a number value.
80px Item Icon Ranking Point Reward.png 80px
1 Instant Repair Material Item Card Instant Repair Material.png Item Icon Instant Repair Material.png Item Full Instant Repair Material.png
2 Instant Construction Material 80px?Redirect to File:Item Card 5.png Item Icon Instant Construction Material.png Item Full Instant Construction Material.png
3 Development Material Item Card Development Material.png Item Icon Development Material.png Item Full Development Material.png
4 Improvement Material Item Card Improvement Material.png Item Icon Improvement Material.png Item Full Improvement Material.png
5 5?No backend data for this,
image dupe of Instant Construction Material(ID:002) with orange background and smaller flame.
Item Card 5.png 70px Item Full 5.png
10 Furniture Box (Small) 80px Item Icon Furniture Box (Small).png 80px
11 Furniture Box (Medium) Item Card Furniture Box (Medium).png Item Icon Furniture Box (Medium).png Item Full Furniture Box (Medium).png
12 Furniture Box (Large) Item Card Furniture Box (Large).png Item Icon Furniture Box (Large).png Item Full Furniture Box (Large).png
31 Fuel 80px Item Icon Fuel.png Item Full Fuel.png
32 Ammo 80px Item Icon Ammo.png Item Full Ammo.png
33 Steel 80px Item Icon Steel.png Item Full Steel.png
34 Bauxite 80px Item Icon Bauxite.png Item Full Bauxite.png
44 Furniture Coin 80px Item Icon Furniture Coin.png Item Full Furniture Coin.png
49 Dock Opening Key 80px Item Icon Dock Opening Key.png 80px
50 Emergency Repair Personnel 80px Item Icon Emergency Repair Personnel.png 80px
51 Emergency Repair Goddess Item Card Emergency Repair Goddess.png Item Icon Emergency Repair Goddess.png 80px
52 Furniture Fairy Item Card Furniture Fairy.png Item Icon Furniture Fairy.png Item Full Furniture Fairy.png
53 Homeport Expansion - - -
54 Food Supply Ship Mamiya Item Card Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png Item Icon Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png Item Full Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png
55 Marriage Ring and Documents Item Card Marriage Ring and Documents.png Item Icon Marriage Ring and Documents.png 80px
56 Special Chocolate Item Card Special Chocolate.png Item Icon Special Chocolate.png 80px
57 Medal Item Card Medal.png Item Icon Medal.png Item Full Medal.png
58 Remodel Blueprint Item Card Remodel Blueprint.png Item Icon Remodel Blueprint.png Item Full Remodel Blueprint.png
59 Food Supply Ship Irako Item Card Food Supply Ship Irako.png Item Icon Food Supply Ship Irako.png Item Full Food Supply Ship Irako.png
60 Present Box Item Card Present Box.png Item Icon Present Box.png Item Full Present Box.png
61 First Class Medal Item Card First Class Medal.png Item Icon First Class Medal.png 80px
62 Hishimochi Item Card Hishimochi.png Item Icon Hishimochi.png 80px
63 Headquarters Personnel Item Card Headquarters Personnel.png Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png 80px
64 Reinforcement Expansion Item Card Reinforcement Expansion.png Item Icon Reinforcement Expansion.png Item Full Reinforcement Expansion.png
65 Prototype Flight Deck Catapult Item Card Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.png Item Icon Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.png Item Full Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.png
66 Combat Ration Item Card Combat Ration.png Item Icon Combat Ration.png 80px
67 Underway Replenishment Item Card Underway Replenishment.png Item Icon Underway Replenishment.png 80px
68 Saury Mackerel Item Card Saury.png Item Icon Saury.png 80px
69 Canned Saury Mackerel Item Card Canned Saury.png Item Icon Canned Saury.png 80px
70 Skilled Crew Member Item Card Skilled Crew Member.png Item Icon Skilled Crew Member.png Item Full Skilled Crew Member.png
71 Ne Type Engine Item Card Ne Type Engine.png Item Icon Ne Type Engine.png Item Full Ne Type Engine.png
72 Decoration Material Item Card Decoration Material.png Item Icon Decoration Material.png 80px
73 Construction Corps Item Card Construction Corps.png Item Icon Construction Corps.png 80px
74 New Technology Aircraft Blueprint Item Card New Technology Aircraft Blueprint.png Item Icon New Technology Aircraft Blueprint.png Item Full New Technology Aircraft Blueprint.png
75 New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material Item Card New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.png Item Icon New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.png Item Full New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.png
76 Combat Ration (Special Onigiri) 80px Item Icon Combat Ration (Special Onigiri).png 80px
77 New Model Aerial Armament Material Item Card New Model Aerial Armament Material.png Item Icon New Model Aerial Armament Material.png 80px
78 Action Report Item Card Action Report.png Item Icon Action Report.png Item Full Action Report.png
79 Strait Medal Item Card Strait Medal.png 70px 80px
80 Xmas Select Gift Box Item Card Xmas Select Gift Box.png Item Icon Xmas Select Gift Box.png 80px
Shou-Gou Medal?Given to players who cleared Winter 2018 Event.
ID is based on what difficulty you cleared E7 on, determines medal glow.
Item Card Shou-Gou Medal.png 70px 80px
85 Rice Item Card Rice.png Item Icon Rice.png 80px
86 Umeboshi Item Card Umeboshi.png Item Icon Umeboshi.png 80px
87 Nori Item Card Nori.png Item Icon Nori.png 80px
88 Tea Item Card Tea.png Item Icon Tea.png 80px
89 Houshou Dinner Ticket Item Card Houshou Dinner Ticket.png Item Icon Houshou Dinner Ticket.png 80px
90 Setsubun Beans Item Card Setsubun Beans.png Item Icon Setsubun Beans.png 80px
91 Emergency Repair Material Item Card Emergency Repair Material.png Item Icon Emergency Repair Material.png Item Full Emergency Repair Material.png
92 New Model Rocket Development Material Item Card New Model Rocket Development Material.png Item Icon New Model Rocket Development Material.png Item Full New Model Rocket Development Material.png
93 Sardine Item Card Sardine.png Item Icon Sardine.png 80px
94 New Model Armament Material Item Card New Model Armament Material.png Item Icon New Model Armament Material.png Item Full New Model Armament Material.png

Shop Item Assets

Shop Item Assets
ID Item Name Card?Shop Card [itemname].jpg
Asset used on the DMM points transaction confirmation page.
Icon?Shop Icon [itemname].png
Asset used in the item shop and the purchased items inventory section.
1 Fuel Shop Card Fuel.jpg Shop Icon Fuel.png
2 Ammo Shop Card Ammo.jpg Shop Icon Ammo.png
3 Steel Shop Card Steel.jpg Shop Icon Steel.png
4 Bauxite Shop Card Bauxite.jpg Shop Icon Bauxite.png
5 Development Material Shop Card Development Material.jpg?Original file errored, not coded properly as .jpg ???
File uploaded to wikia/wiki was converted/re-coded to .jpg again in windows paint.
Shop Icon Development Material.png
6 Instant Construction Material Shop Card Instant Construction Material.jpg Shop Icon Instant Construction Material.png
7 Instant Repair Material Shop Card Instant Repair Material.jpg Shop Icon Instant Repair Material.png
8 Discounted Arsenal Set Shop Card Discounted Arsenal Set.jpg Shop Icon Discounted Arsenal Set.png
9 Discounted Sortie Set Shop Card Discounted Sortie Set.jpg Shop Icon Discounted Sortie Set.png
10 Dock Expansion Set Shop Card Dock Expansion Set.jpg Shop Icon Dock Expansion Set.png
11 Emergency Repair Personnel Shop Card Emergency Repair Personnel.jpg Shop Icon Emergency Repair Personnel.png
12 12?Secret Unused item/asset
Easter Egg worthy
Shop Card 12.jpg 70px
13 88 Resource Set Shop Card 88 Resource Set.jpg Shop Icon 88 Resource Set.png
14 Emergency Repair Goddess Shop Card Emergency Repair Goddess.jpg Shop Icon Emergency Repair Goddess.png
15 Furniture Fairy Shop Card Furniture Fairy.jpg Shop Icon Furniture Fairy.png
16 Homeport Expansion Shop Card Homeport Expansion.jpg Shop Icon Homeport Expansion.png
17 Tanker Expropriation Shop Card Tanker Expropriation.jpg Shop Icon Tanker Expropriation.png
18 Food Supply Ship Mamiya Shop Card Food Supply Ship Mamiya.jpg Shop Icon Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png
19 Aluminium Mass Production Shop Card Aluminium Mass Production.jpg Shop Icon Aluminium Mass Production.png
20 Marriage Ring and Documents Shop Card Marriage Ring and Documents.jpg Shop Icon Marriage Ring and Documents.png
21 White Day Cookies Shop Card White Day Cookies.jpg Shop Icon White Day Cookies.png
22 Improvement Material Shop Card Improvement Material.jpg Shop Icon Improvement Material.png
23 Food Supply Ship Irako Shop Card Food Supply Ship Irako.jpg Shop Icon Food Supply Ship Irako.png
24 Combat Ration Shop Card Combat Ration.jpg Shop Icon Combat Ration.png
25 Underway Replenishment Shop Card Underway Replenishment.jpg Shop Icon Underway Replenishment.png
26 Reinforcement Expansion Shop Card Reinforcement Expansion.jpg Shop Icon Reinforcement Expansion.png
27 Construction Corps Shop Card Construction Corps.jpg Shop Icon Construction Corps.png
28 Emergency Repair Material Shop Card Emergency Repair Material.jpg Shop Icon Emergency Repair Material.png