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User:Grunilg/Major Changes

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Changes since January 2018

This is an incomplete list and is only covering the most important changes a returning player might need to made aware of. Up to date as of the 7th of November 2022.

Remodels and Ships

  • Amagiri Kai Ni: A Destroyer with target priority and accuracy buff against PT Imps which also applies to the ships adjacent to her.
  • Atlanta: Highly Specialised AACI-Ship
  • Yamato Kai Ni/Kai Ni Juu: A costly 5 slot FBB/BBV
    • Both variants gain access to the Yamato-Class special attack (see below)
    • BBV variant is also capable of equipping DLC/Tanks
  • Ise Kai Ni|Hyuuga Kai Ni: 5 slot Battlecarriers (count as BBV for routing) capable of equipping Carrier Fighters and Divebombers.

See also: Second Remodel Timeline, Ships by implementation Date


  • Certain Dive Bombers now no longer prevent Carriers from attacking Installations. Check this page for a list of them.
  • Introduction of more stat bonuses for certain equipment on ships. Check the respective ship pages to see them.
  • ASW Fit Bonuses now contribute to damage, the synergy bonuses have been revised

General Gameplay

  • Revamp of all existing maps except 3-5 and W6, introduction of World 7, located inbetween Worlds 3 and 4 in the sortie and expedition menus
    • As result Leveling Spots have changed, see the page for more details
  • Introduction of new expeditions, some of which are only to be completed once a month. See Expeditions for details
    • Introduction of combat expeditions, which are able to damage ships
  • Recource Hardcaps have been changed to 350.000 respectively.

Combat Mechanics

  • Damage caps got raised:
    • Support, ASW, Airstrike, LBAS - 170
    • Opening and closing torpedo - 180
    • Day shelling - 220
    • Night battle - 360
    • Colorado as well as Kongou Kai Ni C, Hiei Kai Ni C also received special attacks, but those are generally considered to be weaker and more niche in application
    • A complete List of all of them can be found here
  • Destroyers CIs have been buffed. Take a look at the Night Battle Page to get an Idea of their effectivness.
  • Certain enemy Air Raids now feature Enemy ASW Patrol Aircraft, being capable of damaging submarines.


  • Heavy Bomber Raids require execution of a QTE-like Event on the map to get optimal Interception

Useful Tools

  • KCNav - Look up user submitted compositions and routing for maps
  • GotoBrowser - An alternative way of playing Kancolle on Android Devices, forgoing the need of the official Flash app.
  • KC EN Patch - A english patch for kancolle based on asset replacement. Use at your own risk.