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Hello there,

you appear to have stumbled onto my profile page for unknown reasons. To not make this any more awkward than it already is, I am just going to tell you about me until you get enough of my self-indulgence and leave.

General Info

  • Joined Wiki: 2019/3/11
  • Started Playing KC: 2017/3/22
  • Server: Rabaul
  • Ingame Name: Bluecher
  • Discord: Grunilg#2096

Event Progress

Event E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7
Fall 2017 E E E E
Winter 2018 H N N E N E C
Early Fall 2018 H H N N E
Winter 2019 H H H
"Spring" 2019 H H H H H
Sumemr 2k19 H H H
"Fall" 2019 H H H H M H
Hishimochi 2020 H
Summer 2020 H H H E N H H
Fall 2020 H H H H

Notes about my KC "Career"

While I started with KC in March 2017, a lack of motivation lead to me taking a break from it pretty much immeadiatly until September of the same year. When I picked the game up again, I was lucky enough to have a good mentor who guided me through the preperation and sortie phase of the Fall 2017 event, which also introduced me to my all time highest level ship and favourite ever since, Michishio, as the girl which carried that very first event for me.

In the following months good preperation his guiding hand yielded me good events, progression in the regular worlds aswell as dabbling in ranking for the first time after Phase 2 hit, which now is a regular thing for me. For Winter 2019 I was actually responsible for making the Event guide within the small community and also marked my first First Class Medal. Fuck that Post-Clear Farm for Johnston though.


  • I own the german dub of the KC Anime on Blu-Ray and have to admit it isn't bad. Favourite Episode is 6
  • I also own more KC nendoroids than I like to admit
  • I started playing KC for Shoukaku
  • Asashio-class are the best DDs
  • If you want a fun KC Manga, I can only recommend nichika (nitikapo)s Kancolle Manga
  • None of the Shiratsuyu Class are Yandere
  • Kiyoshimo will become a battleship if she believes hard enough
  • Shiden K2 through crafting are a lie
  • Unryuu from 6-3 is a lie
  • Taihou from LSC is a lie
  • You see, there are three kinds of planes: Those who spot, those who secure air superiority, and those who bomb. Now, might I introduce you to our lord and saviour, the allmighty Zuiun?