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Game Updates/2021/October 29th

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October 15th, 2021 October 29th, 2021 November 19th, 2021

October 29th, 2021 The Return of the Naval District Saury Festival Update / Event

  1. Naval District Saury Fishing Commences!
    • Naval District Saury Festival has begun and you can fish across the main maps (World 1, World 3 and World 6 for Saury)
    • For fishing tips please review the Naval District Saury Festival
  2. Limited Time Event Map Release
    • In addition to the main fishing areas, there is an event map released for the Main Operation that doubles as a fishing map!
      • Location: Off Sanriku / Off the Nemuro Peninsula, Hokkaido
      • Title: Support for Pacific saury fishing off the coast of Hokkaido
      • This map will have no locks (Until 11/19/2021)
  3. Notable Event Rewards
  4. New BGM
    • The following Music can be found in the jukebox / Event map:
      • [♪ Trick or Fleet!]
      • [♪ Radiance off Nemuro]
  5. Limited Timed Saury Festival Quests
    • For a limited time, there are 4 Limited time Saury Festival Quest available during the time of the festival there include:
      • Saury Catching Quests:
        • Do you love saury fishing...?
        • My sister is always... I'm sorry!
        • Te-i-to-ku... A big catch flag, please!
      • Equipment Upgrade Quest:
        • Deploy elite Swordfish!
  6. Notable Event Drops
  7. ASW Senrgy Bonus Update
  8. New CG
  9. New Voice Lines