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Game Updates/2021/October 15th

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September 28th, 2021 October 15th, 2021 October 29th, 2021

October 15th, 2021 Oyashio / Saury Preparation / Halloween Update

  1. Halloween CG
  2. Autumn Season themed CG
    • Yamagumo and Asagumo have switched to their fall / winter uniforms
    • Tsushima has returned to her Happi Coat mode CG
    • Z1, Shinyou and Gotland have been given their Oktoberfest CG
    • Richelieu has been given her Mitsukoshi CG with a newly drawn moderate damaged CG form
  3. Halloween Voice lines
  4. Furniture Update
    • The following new Furniture has been released along side many previous furniture:
      • Halloween Window
      • 32 Desdiv Halloween Personal belonging shelf
    • Furniture fairies can be obtained from today's newly released quests
  5. Development Update
  6. Quest Updates
    • Previous Quests have now been updated to meet the requirement of the new foreign ships added since their release in 2020:
      • Nansei Island Water Combined Patrol
      • Combined Fleet Flagship, Remodeled Fletcher, weigh Anchor!
      • Remodeled Escort Destroyer Fletcher, Commence Operation!
      • Combined Fleet Operation Mission (Extra Operation)
      • Combined Fleet Mobile Task Force, Sortie!
  7. Equipment CG update
  8. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  9. Colorado Touch Update
      • Colorado's special attack can now be triggered even if the 2nd and 3rd battleship are moderately damaged or above.
  10. Hatsushimo Kai Ni Update
    • Hatsushimo Kai Ni can now equip the following equipment:
      • Large RADARs
      • Fleet Command Facility
      • Daihatsu Equipment
  11. New Quests
    • The following new quests have been implemented:
      • F104 [Deployment of equipment to support landing operations] - 上陸作戦支援用装備の配備
      • Preparation for the "Naval District Saury Festival"
      • Cont: Preparation for the "Naval District Saury Festival"
      • C62 [Elite "15th DesDiv" 1st Platoon Exercise] - 精鋭「第十五駆逐隊」第一小隊演習!
      • B174 [Fight hard! Elite "DesDiv15" 1st Platoon] - 奮戦!精鋭「第十五駆逐隊」第一小隊
  12. Limited Time Drops[1]
    • Yamakaze is now more available across Naval District Water Maps for a limited time.
    • Hamanami and Oyashio are now available on areas in the Nansei Island maps for a limited time
    • All normal map limited time drops are scheduled to end around the end of next month
  13. Oyashio Kai Ni
    • Oyashio has been given a remodel
    • Blueprint is required
    • Comes with benefits when using Type C Guns, Type D Guns, and type 61 Oxygen Torpedo variants.