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Game Updates/2021/July 15th

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June 22nd, 2021 July 15th, 2021 August 4th, 2021

July 15th, 2021 Gambier Bay Mk. II / Summer 2021 Update

  1. Rainy Season CG have come to an end
  2. Gambier Bay Mk. II
    • Gambier Bay can now be remodeled into Mk.II
      • Blueprint and Prototype Flight Deck Catapult are required for her remodel
      • Gambier Bay will come with the ability to function as an anti-installation unit, an ASW unit, an Anti-ship carrier, and has limited night battle combat capabilities.
      • She also comes with new voice lines with her remodel.
  3. New Quests
    • Several New Quest have implemented within this update:
      • Gambier Bay's Quests
        • C60 ["Remodeled Utility Carrier" Task Force Exercise] - 「改装特務空母」任務部隊演習!
        • B170 [Remodeled Utility Carrier "Gambier Bay Mk.II" Weigh Anchor!] - 改装特務空母「Gambier Bay Mk.II」抜錨!
      • Summer Quests
        • "Shore's Mermaid" Operation
        • "Shore's Siren" European Operation
      • Land Base Expansion Quests
        • D41 [Development and Expansion of your Land Base!] - 航空基地を整備拡張せよ!
        • F100 [Summer Hangar & Land Base Maintenance] - 夏の格納庫整備&航空基地整備
      • Seaplane Related Quest
        • F101 [Frontline utilization of elite three-seated seaplane recon aircraft] - 精鋭三座水上偵察機隊の前線投入
  4. Swimsuit / Summer Clothes/ Shaved Ice mode CG
  5. Sleep Mode CG
    • Kako has been given Sleep Mode CG
  6. Land Base Overhaul Update
    • It is now possible to switch planes in a Landbase between different aviation squadrons in the same operation map without the cost of bauxite and waiting to change planes between each squadron.
  7. Land Base Maintenance Levels
    • Start as of today, you can now improve the maintenance level of your LBAS for event maps
    • You can improve your land base up to 3 levels which will have the following effects depending on the level:
      • Level 1: Reduced plane swapping cooldown timer & faster morale recovery when set to "Rest"
      • Level 2: Plane swapping cooldown timer reduced even further & faster morale recovery when set to anything except "Sortie"
      • Level 3: Plane swapping cooldown timer almost halved in total & faster morale recovery regardless of selected squad state (but "Rest" still ca. 50% more effective)
      • Currently there are only 3 levels that you can improve your land base at this time.
      • All Level improvements are done with your Event LBAS will carry over into future events.
  8. Furniture Update
    • The following new furniture has been added:
      • Night Sky Wall Paper
      • Custom Made Horizontal Wooden Slit Window
    • Other various furniture have been updated for the Summer
      • None existing Window
  9. Furniture Coin Expansion Update
    • You can now hold up from 200,000 to 350,000 Furniture Coins
  10. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  11. Dive Bomber Anti Installation Update
  12. Equipment Bonus updates
    • FM-2, FR-1 Fireball has been given additional bonuses when used on various American and British Carriers, and most notably on the "Casablanca-class" CVEs
    • I-203 can improve her ship speed if equipped with the appropriate Engine, but it will reduce her combat capabilities.
  13. New Equipment
  14. Jukebox update
    • Various summer songs have been implemented on normal maps and in the jukebox
  15. Stat Updates
    • The following stats have been updated to the following ships:
      • Ark Royal: FP 50 -> 51, slot 24/30/12/12 -> 24/32/12/12
      • Graf Zeppelin: FP 50 -> 52, armor 80 -> 81, luck 47 -> 48, LOS+
      • Aquila: FP 28 -> 31, max luck 48 -> 49, evasion+
      • Suzuya and Kumano (CVL form): slots 15/12/12/8 -> 17/12/12/9