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Game Updates/2020/February 7th

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February 7th 2020 Shikinami Kai 2 / Valentine's Day 2020 Update

  1. Setsubun Event Ends
    • All Bean Quests and Rewards have been removed
  2. Setsubun Voice Lines and CGs Removed
    • All CG and Voicelines are no longer avalaible.
    • However you can view CGs from the Asset Gallery
  3. Furniture Update
    • Along with Valentine's Day Furniture the following new items have been implemented for purchase at the Furniture Store:
      • Valentine's Day Wall Decoration
      • Ship Girls' Valentine's Day Desk
      • Ship Girls' Homemade Chocolate
    • Furniture with obscene price tags can be obtained at a discount by using a furniture fairy!
  4. BGM update
    • Some maps along with the Jukebox now play the various BGM music.
    • Juke box now includes the BGM "Traveling to Truk" as a selectable homeport BGM.
  5. New Expeditions
    • 3 New Expeditions have been implemented which include the following:
    • South-Western Sea Expedition "Bauxite Convoy Escort"
    • Western Sea Expedition "Western Sea Reconnaissance Operation"
    • Western Sea Expedition "Western Submarine Operation" (Monthly Combat Expedition)
  6. Combat Buff to various Kanmusu
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  8. Yearly Quest Implementation
    • There will now be missions that can be completed once a year
    • The Current Yearly Quests are set as "February Yearly Quest" which will last until the end January of next year.
  9. New Quests
    • The follow new quests have been implemented:
      • Elite "DesDiv 19", In the Spotlight!
      • Establishing the Special Escort Convoy Headquarters!
      • "DesDiv 19" Exercises!
      • "Coastal Defence Ships", Protecting the Sea!
  10. Shikinami Kai Ni
    • Shikinami has now been given a Kai Ni Remodel.
    • Requirements: Level 80, No Blueprints, 20 Development Materials are required.
  11. Fitting Bonuses for Shikinami
    • Like Ayanami, Shikinami gets bonuses when armed with the following equipment in her Kai Ni remodel:
  12. 12.7cm Twin Mount Type-B Kai 2
  13. Performance update
    • RAM usage has been improved.
    • Game Performance has been adjusted when playing the game in a browser that has hardware acceleration disabled.
  14. Improvement of UI update
    • Ship list can now be organized based upon "dry dock repair times"
  15. Valentine's DaY CG and Voice lines
  16. Equipment Crafting update