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Game Updates/2020/January 14th

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January 1st, 2020 January 14th, 2020 February 7th, 2020

January 14th, 2020 Yuubari Kai Ni Post Event update

  1. Fall 2019 Event comes to an end
  2. Unopened Christmas Gift Boxes have been removed
  3. New Years Quest have been removed
  4. New Years Voices Lines and Hiragi CG have been removed.
    • All CG can be be viewed at the Asset Dictionary
  5. Setsubun Beans Return
    • It's time to cast the demons out and bring good forturne in!
    • You'll be able to earn them through Setsubun Quests from the Setsubun Mini-Event
    • The beans you earn from these quests can be used to earn rewards for special LBAS planes such at the Type 2 Land Based Reconnaissance Aircraft and Ginga
    • Beans will stay for a certain period of time following the mini event's completion.
  6. Setsubun Voice Lines
  7. Setsubun CG
  8. Setsubun Quests
    • There is a total of 4 Setsubun Quests avalaible to gain access to Setsubun beans
    • For more details please view the Setsubun Mini-Event
  9. Various ASW Equipment tweaks
  10. New Fruniture for Setsubun
  11. Admiral's Mahjong Table Update
    • Table has been updated to showcase Setsubun content.
  12. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  13. Yuubari Kai Ni Remodel + Types
    • Yuubari can now be remodeled into her Kai Ni remodel
    • Kai Ni remodel conversion will require a blue print and action report
      • Her Kai Ni remodel consist of 3 different versions that she can change into
        • Kai Ni is mainly combat and Anti-air focused and can benifit from certain equipment that can fit her.
        • Kai Ni Toku will allow Yuubari to use Anti-installation equipment and Kou Hiyotekis at the cost of her speed.
        • Ka Ni D allows her to excel in ASW and be able to perform innate ASW attacks.
    • Yuubari's Kai Ni Remodels' equipment slots have noted restrictions:
      • Slots 1-3 can equip anything (dependent on her remodel form focuses on)
      • Slots 4 does now allow guns or torpedoes, however all other equipment is fine.
      • Slot 5 is limited to small gear such as AA guns, Radars, Battle rations.
    • There is also a quest to obtain a Type D Kouhyouteki Kai (Kouryuu Kai) which can be used among Yuubari and a limited group of ships that can equip it such as AVs and CLTs.
      • Note that equiping this while will result in good fit bonuses will also provide lowered evasion.
  14. New Permament Quests
    • 3 New Quests have been introduced with this update:
      • B140 [I wonder if we should test out "Yuubari Kai Ni?] - 「夕張改二」試してみてもいいかしら?
      • B141 [New 6th Torpedo Squadron Sortie! Let me know what you think afterwards!] - 新編「六水戦」出撃!後で感想、聞かせてね!
      • Bq13 [Expanded 6th Torpedo Squadron, to the Front Lines!] - 拡張「六水戦」、最前線へ! (Quaterly canon)
  15. Modernization Menu UI update
    • Modernization menu now has a "Unequip all equipment before modernization" to allow for you to remove gear before using your kanmusu for moderization. Use this to your best interest.