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Game Updates/2021/January 13th

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January 13th 2021 Setsubun and Kuma Kai Ni update

  1. The Fall 2020 Event, Escort! Fleet Transport Operation has ended
    • New Year quests have been removed.
    • The clear rates among admirals who sortied to the corresponding map at least once are as follows:
      • E-1: ~90%
      • E-2: ~98%
      • E-3: ~95%
      • E-4: ~90%
    • The most commonly selected difficulty are as follows:
      • Main Operation: Hard mode by a large margin
      • Extra Operation: Tied between Hard and Casual until halfway through, then ultimately Hard mode
  2. Removal of Haregi CGs & New Year voice lines
  3. Setsubun Festival returns
  4. Setsubun Voice Lines
  5. Setsubun CGs
  6. New Furniture for Setsubun
  7. New Limited-Time Setsubun Festival Quests
    • Setsubun Exercises!
    • Reiwa 3 Setsubun Operation
    • Reiwa 3 Setsubun Expedition Mission
    • Reiwa 3 Western Sea Setsubun Operation
    • Reiwa 3 Setsubun Operation, All Hands On Deck!
  8. New Permanent Quests
    • Preparations for the Reinforcement of our Air Force
    • Large-scale Winter Exercises
    • Kuma-class CL name ship, beary eager to sortie!
  9. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Updates
  10. New Limited-Time Ship Drops
  11. Stat Buffs
  12. Kuma Kai Ni Remodel
    • Requires a blueprint.
    • Has new voice lines.
  13. Kuma Kai Ni D Remodel
    • Can't equip aircraft or torpedoes, but can equip midget subs and DLCs.
  14. New Casual Wear CG for Sakawa