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Game Updates/2021/January 1st

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December 31st, 2020 January 1st, 2021 January 13th, 2021

January 1st, 2021 New Year's 2021 Update

  1. New Year Voice Lines
  2. New BGM
    • New BGM, "The Seas of Reiwa" has been implemented across various maps and within the Naval Base Jukebox for the new year.
  3. New Year Furniture
    • To celebrate the year of the Ox, many new furniture has been added in relation to the occasion. The following new furniture has been implemented:
      • Year of the Ox Naval District New Year Wall Decoration
      • Mini Pine Decoration with Zodiac Window
      • Happy New Year! Year of the Ox Wallpaper (Can be obtained upon logging into the game)
      • Tatami Mats and rug with extra brush stokes
      • Special Fluffy floor mat with cow patterns
      • Mandarin Oranges & Custom Made Naval District Chabudai
      • Yakimochi set (Obtained from New Year's Quests)
      • New Years Hanging Scroll towards the 8th Anniversary
  4. Furniture Detail Update
    • Ozoni mode has been implemented for various furniture for this update which includes the following:
      • Naval District Bar Counter
      • New Year Holiday of the Admiral's Big Effort
      • All Purpose Round Desk for Kaiboukans
  5. New Years Quest
    • A total of 4 new quests have been implemented for this update which include:
      • Happy New Year! Reiwa 3 "Maritime Escort Fleet", Weigh Anchors!
      • Happy New Year! "Heavy Cruiser Squadron", to the Nansei Islands!
      • Happy New Year! Auxiliary Fleet, to the Arctic Ocean of a New Year!
      • New Year Task Force [Extra Operation] First Fleet, Sortie!
    • Admirals who have successfully completed the extra operation will be able to select and acquire valuable items or valuable equipment along with a commemorative hanging scroll.
    • You can also obtain Skilled Pilots or Aircraft Materials from the quest also which will be used for possible large plane conversions in the future. Admirals who lack in said equipment can consider obtaining these.
  6. New Year's Hirage CG