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Game Updates/2020/December 31st

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December 10th, 2020 December 31st, 2020 January 1st, 2021

December 31, 2020 Friend Fleet & New Year's Update

  1. New Year's Voice Lines
  2. New Furniture
    • A certain "Year of the Ox" furniture present will be given out to everyone who reconnects to the game in the new year.
    • New and previous New Year furniture have been added to the furniture store.
  3. Furniture CG Update
    • Special food related furniture have been updated with New Year soba/soup CGs.
  4. Limited Time New Year's Quests
    • Four new limited time quests have been added.
      • Happy New Year! Reiwa 3 "Maritime Escort Fleet", Weigh Anchors!
      • Happy New Year! "Heavy Cruiser Squadron", to the Nansei Islands!
      • Happy New Year! Auxiliary Fleet, to the Arctic Ocean of a New Year!
      • New Year Task Force [Extra Operation] First Fleet, Sortie!
        • This quest will reward the "New Year Wall Scroll in anticipation of the 8th Anniversary" and a choice between valuable items or equipment for new and old admirals alike.
    • All New Year's quests will end with the event's end.
  5. New Year Haregi CGs
  6. Friend Fleet Update
    • The Friend Fleet's main force will now provide support for phase 2 and the final phase of E-4.
    • Existing Friend Fleets for E-4 final phase will receive a massive luck boost.