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Game Updates/2021/December 10th

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November 19th, 2021 December 10th, 2021 December 28th, 2021

December 10th, 2021 Christmas 2021 Update

  1. Fall 2021 Event has come to an end
  2. Taste of Autumn Voice lines and CG have ended
  3. Christmas Voice Lines have been implemented
  4. Christmas Mode CG
  5. Furniture Update
    • Furniture store has been updated for the Christmas season and the following new furniture has been introduced:
      • Christmas Homeport Jukebox
    • Furniture have switched over to a Christmas theme
    • Naval Base Bar Counter has been updated with a Christmas theme and includes food for the new ships girls implemented.
  6. New BGM
    • "Fleet for the end of the year" has been implemented and will be found via daytime sorties and jukebox.
  7. New Equipment
  8. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  9. Ship Stat updates
  10. New Quests
    • Limited time Christmas Quests are available and include the following:
      • F105 [Organization of elite "Type 1 Land Base Attack Aircraft" squadrons] - 精鋭「一式陸攻」隊の編成 (Permanent Quest)
      • [Xmas Limited] Merry Xmas Destroyer Squadron!
      • [Xmas Limited] Xmas Maritime Escort, Weigh Anchor!
      • [Xmas limited] Wings of the Holy Night, sortie!
      • [Xmas limited (Extra operation)] Xmas final operation, Commence!
    • All limited-time Christmas quests will remain active till after Christmas.
  11. Development Update