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Game Updates/2021/December 28th

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December 10th, 2021 December 28th, 2021 January 1st, 2022

December 28th, 2021 End of the Year / Final Ship Girl of 2021 Update

  1. New Normal Map
    • The New world map has been unlocked for World 7 Southwestern Waters Map titled: Shounan Mainland Route: Hi-Convoy Maritime Escort Operation
      • You need to complete 7-3 at least once in their career to unlock the map
      • The theme of this operation will have you perform the Hi-Convoy using Training Cruisers, Coastal Defense Ships, Destroyer, and Escort Carriers.
      • Be advised that you will need strong countermeasures against enemy submarine attacks along the route.
      • It is possible to do an aggressive operation using Battleships and carriers in the area along with the assistance of the Landbase Air Squadron from Kaoushing.
      • Operation map has a boss gauge that will reset every month
      • The strength of the enemy fleet will change within the future
      • It is possible to get rare drops such as Amatsukaze, Kamoi, and Coastal Defense Ships from the map area[1]
        • These drops are subject to change over time.
  2. New LBAS Access
    • It is now possible to deploy up to 1 LBAS unit in 7-4.
      • You will need to complete a quest to gain access to your LBAS on this map
  3. New Boss
    • For 7-4, the permanent new boss introduced to the map is the Hi Convoy Princess who will be voiced by the same voice actress as Unyou.
  4. New Ship
    • The New Passenger Liner turned Escort Carrier known as Yawata Maru is now available to be obtained with the introduction of the new map
    • She can be obtained upon clearing a quest.
    • She has up to 3 remodels each that take her through her development phases going from a passenger liner all the way to an escort carrier.
    • Her final "Unyou Kai Ni, will get to see her full potential as an escort carrier, a prototype flight deck catapult will be needed for this remodel.
  5. Furniture Update
    • New Year themed furniture is released, no new furniture has been introduced.
    • Some Furniture has been updated for the New Year's theme.
  6. End of Christmas Content
    • Christmas CGs, Quests, and log-in bonus to obtain the Christmas 2021 item are no longer available.
      • If you have the Christmas Box 2021 in your inventory, you can still decide how you will open the present, however, the present will expire in the "start of the year maintenance" so open as soon as possible!
  7. End of the year Cleaning CG and Voice Lines
  8. BGM Update
    • The following music has been updated within the jukebox and normal map areas:
      • Fleet for the end of the year
      • Year's End Naval District
      • Prayer
  9. New Quests
    • The Following new quests have been introduced with this update:
      • F106 [Naval District "General Cleaning" Festival!] - 鎮守府「大掃除] 祭り!
      • B175 [Southwestern Waters "Land Base Air Squadron" Established!] - 南西海域「基地航空隊」開設!
      • B176 [Maritime Escort! Protect the Convoy!] - 海上護衛 ! ヒ船団を護り抜け !
      • B177 [Escort Carrier Unyou, Weigh Anchor!] - 航空母艦「雲鷹] 、抜錨せよ!
  10. New Equipment