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The Item Shop (アイテム屋) is a main menu function where resources, consumables, and some useful items can be purchased with real money (DMM points). The two tabs on the left correspond to Inventory (アイテム一覧) and Furniture Store (家具屋さん).

  • This article is about the "Cash Shop". Please refer to Inventory or Furniture for information on those systems.
If looking to buy some in-game items using real money,
see the Purchasing Guide.

Shop Contents

The Shop is divided in 2 parts:

  • The "Regular Corner" (特撰コーナー), where the most basic items are found,
    • Subdivided into 3 categories: resources, consumables, and recommended items.
  • The "Specials Corner" (レギュラーコーナー), where useful items and resources are found.

Some items are exclusively found in the shop, namely the "Homeport Expansion" and the "Dock Opening Key".

Important Notes

Any purchased item is first placed in the "Purchased Items" part of the Inventory, and needs to be opened from there to be used elsewhere.

Most resources and items have a hard cap, and so opening a "bought item" giving capped resources will waste them.

  • When at cap, a message will warn about some item being wasted.

The caps are as follow:

  • 350 000 for the 4 main resources (    )
  • 3 000 for the main consumables (    )
  • Beyond 10 000 for special items (eg.    ...), unknown exactly
  • 99 for seasonal/Mini-Event items (eg. Saury)
  • Purchased items are visually capped at 99. When clicked on, the real value can be seen above the description[1].

The Specials Corner is opened by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right.

  • Clicking on the Regular Corner arrow will go back to the normal shop selection.

There is no confirmation when using a Dock Opening Key on relevant menu pages. Please be careful when clicking on related pages when possessing one, or it may be used in the wrong place.

It is very inadvisable to purchase resources from the Regular Corner as it is relatively bad value, the Specials Corner offering better values.

Regular Corner

Useful Items
Hot Recommended Items
Icon Description Price Icon Description Price Icon Description Price
  Gives 250   100   Gives 1 Furniture Fairy 300   Gives 1 Emergency Repair Personnel 200
  Gives 250   100   Gives 7 development materials 400   Gives 1 Emergency Repair Goddess 500
  Gives 200   100   Gives 6 Instant Repair Material 300   Gives 1 Dock Opening Key, 6  , 6  , & 6   1000
  Gives 150   100   Gives 6 Instant Construction Material 300   White Day Cookies Only available during the "White Day" period 500
  "88 Resource Set" Only avaylable during events
Gives 880 of  ,  ,  , &  

If the White Day happens during an event, the White Day Cookies will be displayed in the "Special Corner".

Special Corner

Icon Description Price Icon Description Price Icon Description Price
  Increases ship and equipment capacities by 10 and 40 respectively
(can only be bought 52 times)
1000   "Marriage Ring and Documents" 700   Gives 1500  , 200  , 200  , 200  , & 2   700
  Gives 1 Mamiya   300   Gives 5 Irako   1000   Gives 3 Combat Rations 300
  Gives 1 Construction Team 800   Gives 3 Submarine Supply Material 500   Gives 1200   300
  Gives 650   300   Gives 500  , 500  , 200  , & 3   300   Gives 10 Improvement Materials   700
  Gives 1 Reinforcement Expansion 500   Gives 2 Underway Replenishment 300   Gives 3 Emergency Repair Material & 800   600

Furniture Shop

The furniture shop is where furniture is purchased using "furniture coins", to then decorate the office. A Furniture Fairy can be used to discount any furniture, or might be required to buy some others.

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