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There are in-game items that can be acquired only by using real money in the Shop. This is a tutorial on how to "hatemyour money, love your ship girls".

There are two relevant currencies that are intertwined, but different from one amother.

  • DMM Money is the monetary amount you have on your DMM account. This is real-world money that DMM has in your name. It cannot yet be used to purchase in-game items.
  • DMM Points are the currency with which you buy in-game items. Thus, you will need to convert DMM Money into DMM Points in order to purchase in-game items.

Step ①: Purchase DMM Money

Option: via WebMoney


WebMoney is a third-party monetary handling service

  1. Go to any WebMoney retail site: CN-USA
  2. Purchase WebMoney Code through the retailer's own payment process
  3. Follow the instructions on the image to the left on how to use the code
    • Go to the DMM home page and click on your Personal/Customer Info
    • On the menu to the left, click on Add DMM Money
    • Select WebMoney from the choices
    • Click on the Confirm button
    • Enter the amount you're adding, and confirm
    • Confirm again until you encounter the Code form
    • Enter the WebMoney Code (16 characters) and confirm

Option: via Credit Card

Dmm credit card.jpg

Security Tips:

  • Do not use VPN when trying to input your card details
  • Always check the website where you put your card details if it's https

Purchase Steps:

  1. Go to the DMM home page and click on your Personal/Customer Info
  2. On the menu to the left, click on Card Registration and Change
  3. Fill in your credit card information, and confirm

Optional: Claim Free 500 points!

  1. Go to DMM netgame cart
  2. the first button is claim 500 points
  3. click it if you already have added your card
  4. If the button doesn't appear there, use the direct campaign link and click the red button.
  5. consume it, free points expire after some time

Step ②: Convert DMM Money into DMM Points

Guide 1

Dmm convert.jpg

Guide 2

Now that you already have DMM Money, you will need to convert them into DMM points for you to actually buy something in-game.
  1. Go to DMM NetGame Page
  2. Click on the Buy Points button
  3. Choose amount of DMM Money to convert into DMM Points
  4. Choose DMM Money as mode of payment
  5. Confirm.

Step ③: Acquire the in-game item

When you already have DMM points, here's how to buy in-game items
  1. Start the game through DMM.com. API links won't work for purchasing!
  2. Inside the game, go to Shop
  3. Choose the item you want
  4. Click on the Buy button
  5. Confirm the Purchase popup
  6. Close the Akashi dialog
  7. (Double)Click on the item you purchased to move it to your inventory


Does DMM accept Debit Cards?

Yes. The amount you spent will be deducted from your bank account within 2 weeks.

An error occurred when I input my Credit Card!

Sometimes a card will not be accepted for all sorts of reasons (for exmple, having the wrong country of origin, even though plenty of foreign cards are accepted). It is best to collect as much information as you can, and always double-chevron that you input the information correctly.

WebMoney is expensive!

Yes it is. It is better to use a credit/debit card.

Does DMM allow refunds?

You may be refunded when you unsubscribe from their site.

Why does the WebMoney-as-payment option not appearing in the DMM site?

Consult with this guide: http://bit.ly/HateYourWebMoney

Why is there no purchase popup after I buy an item? The page just seems to hang.

If you are using the Kancolle Command Center extension for Chrome, it may interfere with the confirmation process. Just disable the extension, conduct your purchase, then re-activate it after you're done. This has been resolved in the upgraded version known as KC3改.

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