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Game Updates/2020/September 17th

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August 27th, 2020 September 17th, 2020 October 16th, 2020

September 17th, 2020 Battle of Malacca Update

  1. New Regular Sea Map
    • Map 7-3 "Breaking Through Malacca Strait" has been released
      • Map will consist of two phases.
      • Part 1 will require you to use a small fleet of heavy cruisers and destroyers to take out a powerful destroyer fleet.
      • Part 2 will take you beyond the Malacca Strait. Members of the 10th Area Fleet will be the key to success in both parts.
      • You will be able to obtain ships like Haguro, Ashigara, Takao, Kuma and Kamikaze.[1]
      • Limited time drops such as Gambier Bay, Luigi Torelli, Pola, Hirato and Fukae are available in the area.[2][3]
        • Limited time drops are subject to change regularly
        • Enemy comps are subject for update in the future.
        • Map will also reset at the start of the month like 7-2
  2. New Quests
    • A Total of 6 new quests have been implemented:
      • C48 ["10th Area Fleet" Exercises] - 「第十方面艦隊」演習!
      • D36 [Military Buildup Expedition Mission: "Basic Operation"] - 兵站強化遠征任務【基本作戦】
      • D37 [Military Buildup Expedition Mission: "Extra Operation"] - 兵站強化遠征任務【拡張作戦】
      • F92 [Improving Development and Maintenance of New Armaments] - 新型兵装開発整備の強化
      • B155 [Heavy Cruiser "Haguro", Sortie! Battle of the Malacca Strait] - 重巡「羽黒」、出撃!ペナン沖海戦
      • By5 [Experienced "10th Area Fleet", Sortie!] - 歴戦「第十方面艦隊」、全力出撃 (Yearly)
  3. New Expeditions
    • Two New Expeditions are now implemented:
      • E2 Southern Sea: "Enforced Rat Transport Operation"
      • 46 Southwestern Sea: "Southwestern Sea Combat Patrols"
        • These are Monthly Expeditions
        • These are also Type II Combat Expeditions
  4. Furniture Update
    • Along with other Fall Furniture, the following Furniture has been implemented:
      • Mid-Autumn Wall
      • Bamboo Floor
      • Autumn Carpet & Bamboo Floor
      • Costal Defense Ships' Generic Round Table has been updated with a Fall theme.
  5. Equipment Performance Update
  6. New Improvement Items
    • New Model Armament Material have been introduced into the game.
    • This items will be used for various equipment upgrades.
      • You may be using these in combination with other material items.
      • You can obtain several of these through today's quests that have been released.
  7. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  8. Mass equipment development load time increased
    • Mass equipment development (when attempting to craft 3 equipment at once) has had its load time increased
  9. Equipment Dictionary Update
    • The equipment index allows you to check an item's stats, artworks and fairies among other things.
    • Equipment Dictionary now includes the # of equipment you own.
  10. Ship Stat Buffs
  11. New CG
  12. Android Bug Fix
    • A bug in the Android version that caused the menu to glitch out when you selected "Other" in the ship girl list while switching equipment via drag & drop has been fixed.
  13. Warning Notice from The Dev Team
    • Please refrain from trying to connect to the game until we give you the green light since we can't help with any resulting issues and it might even cause maintenance delays.
    • Please refrain from trying to connect to the game if, instead of just playing the game normally, it is for the express purpose of obtaining and distributing game assets as that, including retweets of the same, is against our ToS.